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Organic Food Recycling

It is not waste unless you waste it!

Purple Cow Organics® partners with grocery stores and other pre-consumer food locations to successfully repurposed food residuals previously headed for area landfills. Providing a beneficial reuse solution, these residuals contain valuable moisture and nutrients which can be used in the production of great compost. This compost can, in turn, be used to enhance the very soil that grows the high quality fruits, vegetables or other non-food crops right here in South Central Wisconsin.

Soil is Life!™

The quality of the food we eat is directly related to the quality of the soil in which it is grown. Famers and home gardeners alike know the value of a high quality, highly active soil that is teeming with microbes. We have a tremendous opportunity to enliven soils and grow abundant, nutritious crops. At Purple Cow, we are committed to making a difference for both the professional and the backyard grower!


Vitruvian Farms - McFarland

How far do you think your food traveled to get to your table? The founders of Vitruvian Farms hope the answer is just a few miles.

Vitruvian Farms provides customers with local, organic and sustainable food. They pride themselves on being one of the most truly local farmers in the Madison, Wisconsin area - with vegetables traveling only 10 miles to the dinner plate! You might find their lettuce and other greens at local grocery stores and even at local high-end restaurants around Madison.