A Purple Cow Customer Testimonial – Dave Moyer

From the WNLA Summerfield day 2016 in Summerfield, Wisconsin with Dave Moyer from Moyer’s Landscape Services and Hometown Nurseries in Stoughton, Wisconsin.

Video transcript –

We’re here today at the Wisconsin Nursery Landscape Association (WNLA) show just outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and I’m happy to be standing next to the President of the Association – Dave Moyer.

Dave’s got a great little place called Moyer’s Landscape Services and Hometown Nurseries in Stoughton, Wisconsin – nursery, landscape, retail, wholesale…a little bit of everything. It’s worth it’s worth making the trip out to Stoughton.

You told me something yesterday and you said you’d come down here and tell me again…so you started using our Purple Cow Classic and please share with me what you saw.

Okay, well…this occurred about three years ago and we tested it out in a small scale. We implemented Purple Cow compost into our our potting mix that we had. It was a potting mix that my daughter going to Cornell University (The Cornell Mix) implemented to include Purple Cow Compost to it.

We’ve got good enough results that we said, “You know what? We need to try it on a bigger scale.”

The following year we implemented a complete overhaul and complete – using Purple Cow with all the products – we experienced a better than expected growth rate especially late summer coming into fall, than we had with products that we source out.

It’s been extremely pleasing for us, it’s allowed us to to take our container-growing operation with perennials, shrubs, some of the woody ornamentals, and some small trees to a better level and a quicker level, and a better visual and healthy product.

We have implemented that – not only with our mix – but we also have implemented a commercial mix and added that product to it.

Purple Cow has been very, very good in the development of our retail/wholesale nursery, as well as the quality of material coming out of our place. We’re happy – quality is everything.

You told me yesterday that you had some nine barks that went from 2 inches to 6 inches in one year…

No no no! I have nine barks that went from less than two feet, 18 inches to – within two and a half months – five feet!

And you were also complaining because upsize a couple of containers three times in one year because of the summertime growth. [Laughter] Complaining with a smile on my face because we upsize the price becomes better for us…the margin gets better as we go.

So, yeah we’ve been a 100% percent pleased with the Purple Cow aspect of implementing into our program, and we’re going to stick that way.

Well I think it’s amazing what growers can accomplish with just bringing a little life in the soil, and I got to tell you you are a wonderful partner, and I have enjoyed having the pleasure working with you.

Thank you, Steve. I appreciate it.

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