A Purple Cow Customer Testimonial – Sherry McAnly

From the Independent Garden Center Show 2016 at Navy Pier in Chicago. A video testimonial from happy Purple Cow Organics customers Sherry and Tom McAnly from Jung Seed Co.

Video transcript –

I’m here with Tom and Sherry McAnly from Jung Seed Co. – but more importantly – they are customers in their own residence.

Sherry’s going to tell us a little story:

Last year, we put in four grafted tomato plants in a raised bed garden and, of course, we used Purple Cow.

One of the plants died; it was a grafted tomato. So, we were down to three. All summer long, I gave away – every picking – was at least a half bushel (if not more), and we were picking every other day.

And on top of that, I canned 48 quarts off of three plants. That’s a lot to be said for Purple Cow.

The moral story is: use Purple Cow. But also, buy your grafted tomatoes from Jung’s.

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