One of the most common questions we hear at Purple Cow Organics is, “what is compost tea and how can I use it?”

What is compost tea?

Compost tea, simply put, is a liquid version of compost. “Why would I want a liquid version of compost?” you might ask. A liquid version of compost is versatile. Composts are solids, and you can only apply solids using gravity to the ground surface. You can mix in with your soil you can mix it with your pots and your potting mixes but that’s really about it.

With compost tea, the goal is to aerobically – or with air – extract the beneficial biology and nutrients that are in your compost into a liquid solution. That liquid solution can be sprayed onto plants or soil, or poured into the soil or the soil drench, or poured around seeds when you’re planting the seeds in the soil. So, it gives you a different way to add those microbes and the nutrition to the growing system.

Compost tea: no need to add more soil to your garden

Another advantage of compost tea – sometimes you don’t want to add more soil to your garden, but you do want to add more fertility or more biology throughout the season. Compost tea – because it’s in liquid form – allows you to apply that mixture or that solution without adding any more fill to your garden.

You can purchase compost and buy mesh screens, buckets and fish aerators and then make your own compost tea. Fortunately, Purple Cow Organics has made a Compost Tea product for you that is already in tea bags that is as simple as dropping a tea bag into a watering can – or a couple of them into a five gallon bucket of water – letting it steep overnight, maybe agitating a little bit by stirring it, and then you’ve got your compost tea solution with very little equipment necessary.Purple Cow compost tea stand up pouches

Interested in trying compost tea? Go to your local garden center and ask for compost tea or make your own using good quality compost. Good luck and happy gardening!