Earth Day: Benefits to healthy soil VIDEO

On Earth Day, Ryan Hartberg visited Milwaukee’s channel 12 news station and while the cameras were rolling, talked about planting and healthy soils with Andy Choi who’s a self-professed newbie to gardening. Watch the segment here. Full transcript is below.


Ryan on the news

Earth Day! Ryan Hartberg on Channel 12 News in Milwaukee talking about compost and planting.

Full transcript:

New on WISN 12 news, we are of course talking about earth day and all of the gray importance of earth day. And joining us today to talk about gardening–we’re talking about gardening and this beautiful set you brought with us here. Ryan Hartberg of Purple Cow Organics is here to talk about why healthy soil is essential to getting the best results for your garden. Thank you for coming in.

Thank you, Andy.

A lot of people are talking about gardening with the sun shining and the temperatures warming up.

First of all, happy earth day. It is like Mother’s Day. You should love your mother all year long. But it is nice to have one day you pay attention to her.


So here is what top soil looks like or some soils look like. We see it on a farm field or our backyard. This is the.Are this is used over and over again.

We have been taking, taking, taking. 95% of the food that we heat comes from soil and top soil specifically. If this is what it looks like we may not get nutrients. It takes a thousand years to create three inches of top soil. A long time.

So how do we give the love?

It is great and common and easy to get, compost. This is materials that come from the earth, sustainable. And broken down to a useful, soil again, the difference between a topsoil used and compost. This is dark and rich, full of nutrients, biology. And holds moisture well. You can do it in your back yard or a garden center and buy compost.

And I’m not exactly a green thumb. So for the folks watching, if I can do it.

You can do it. So should we start planting something.

Yes. Great.

We have a couple of peppers here. We take a little bit of compost. So put it.

So a little handful in the hole there. You get the goodness by the man’s roots.

Goodness for mother nature.

And all right. That in the hole there. And then put a little bit more compost.

More compost.

And cover the top of the pot.

Part of is, just, you see the topsoil that is ragged and not doing too much for you, you have to show mother earth the love.

Yes. The compost is like the super vitamin and hold moisture and give the plant the nutrients it needs. And then fertilizer.

A kick there. It is a great way to get more nutrients around the plant.

All right. Thank you. My green thumb is upgraded quite a bit there. Happy earth day to you. If you would like to learn more about the great recommendations here for the soil, check out

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