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Soil biology is an important partner for any grower. Microbes help with seed germination, plant protection, plant health, nutrient uptake, yield, and crop residue digestion. Purple Cow CX-1 liquid biological can improve your soils and increase input efficiency. Enter to win a free tote of CX-1 which includes hundreds of microbe genera like:  Trichoderma: enhances nutrient uptake  | Arthrobotrys: nematode grabbing fungus  |  Pseudomonas: biocontrol agent (blocks pathogens)  |  Mortierella: phosphorous-solubilizing fungus.

What is CX-1?

CX-1 (liquid biological)

CX-1 is a liquid biological solution that is a cost effective way to add biology to your existing planting and crop maintenance programs. It is usable in the scheduled program, or if you did not start after last season’s harvest, usable to jump-start the program in-season.

A liquid microbial extract of beneficial soil microorganisms, CX-1 is concentrated and stabilized for easy and efficient use in a variety of soil, planting and foliar applications. CX-1 has a shelf life of over 6 months.

CX-1 fits in planter, side-dress and foliar applications. CX-1 can be applied at germination, during critical plant growth stages and for residue management to utilize fertilizer dollars more efficiently and ensure the return of crop residue nutrients to your soil for future crop benefit.

  • Helps increase seed germination rates
  • Improves seedling vigor
  • Known to increase root nodulation in soybeans
  • Allows for more effective utilization of available minerals

Every operation on your farm should address two things:

  • Yield increase
  • Weed suppression

If you currently use a liquid biological, you might ask, “What Makes CX-1 Different?”

We utilize a patented extraction process to move the entire (beneficial) soil organism community into a shelf stable solution, the diverse and robust nature of this product contributes to the multitude of functions and interactions in healthy soil.

CX-1 is OMRI Listed for organic use and can make a great tank partner:

Examine other labels and you will see 5, 10, 12 specific types of lab manufactured microbial species.  CX-1 has literally hundreds of different types of bacteria and fungi.  Its been tested both in the lab and on every organic acre we farm.  The diversity and total biomass of beneficial organisms in CX-1 is beyond other liquid biologicals on the market today.

Balanced minerals & a diverse and robust microbial community…

Are the key to the production of all types of secondary metabolites (proteins, enzymes, amino acids).  Maximize the production of these and your plants will see an increase in their ability to defend against pests and disease.  Improved nutrient density and greater yields will result.

We have research showing CX-1 significantly improves root nodulation, and experts agree this can result in sooner pod set (yield) and canopy coverage (weed suppression).  Add overall fertility enhancement and disease suppression to the mix by applying just a few gallons of CX-1 per acre when planting soybeans, corn, or any crop; it’s a smart choice for those who plan with liquids.

Our Full Ag Line document provides a brief description of our carbon and liquid biological options.  I would be happy to send additional info and privileged by the prospects of working together this season.

We want to hear from you. Tell us what you’re hoping to achieve on your field in the next 3 months to 10 years. We will help you get there!

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