Benefits of our complete and integrated Full-Cycle Ag System

Purple Cow Organics is a line of organic composts, soil enhancers and fertilizers that rejuvenate soil, replace nutrients and reintroduce, support and encourage the microbes that make soil healthy and productive. Why? Organic farmers know why. Because healthy soils grow stuff better, grow better stuff, and make growing better stuff easier.

And that really is the key to efficient, profitable organic farming: good, certified organic products that help your soil be all it can be, so your crops grow as well as they can. Field application of Purple Cow products can improve the soil’s physical properties, assisting in the retention of moisture and nutrients. They can help deliver micro, macro and trace elements in forms that are stable, safe for the environment and available for crop use over multiple years.

Purple Cow Organics Full-Cycle Ag System

Developed for Wisconsin Crops
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