BioActive™ Products
Exclusively From Purple Cow

Bioactivity: the foundation of Purple Cow’s benefits –
and the key to our crop-specific ag programs.

Purple Cow Organics is a line of organic composts, soil enhancers and fertilizers that reintroduce, support and encourage the microbes that make soil healthy and productive. So when we say Purple Cow products are in and of themselves bioactive and that they boost bioactivity in your soil, that’s pretty much the foundation of everything we do.
Starting long before the scientific community in general and the farming community specifically had any clear idea of the role of microbes in the production of quality, healthy, nutrient-dense crops and the preservation of soil, our founder spent decades exploring the nano-world of soil microbes because he was sure that was where he would find the key. And it was.
Over the next couple of decades, he did a lot of development and testing and more development and more testing. That brings us to today. Today, we’ve arrived at a complete line of products for the organic professional or the farmer who wants to restore the soil. Purple Cow products have the ability to boost the bioactivity of your soil in real-world ways, meaning efficiently and — most importantly — cost-effectively.

Bio-Active™ Products

in the Purple Cow Organics Full-Cycle Ag System

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