Residential Lawn Care

A growing number of area companies now provide complete organic turf care options, Contact us for a complete list of providers and the services they offer.

At Purple Cow we provide insights and support for companies that provide lawn care services. Working with nature to “feed the soil” as opposed to practices that stimulate the plant to take from the soil includes three basic steps:

  • Improve the soil’s capacity to hold water and nutrients.
  • Provide Micro, Macro and Trace nutrients contained in high quality compost.
  • Add “life in the soil” to make nutrients available to the plants/grass.

Working with nature to promote healthy, deep root growth; one can capitalize on the strength, vigor, and tollorence of grass when roots feed at 8-12 inches deep in “enlivened soil” as opposed to 2-3 inches deep in fosil fuel fertility environment.

Top Dress for Nutrients

Healthy Turf will out compete weeds; soil quality is the fundamental factor relative to healthy turf. The use of quality compost at just 2 cubic foot bags per 1000 square feet can replace the need for additional fertilization inputs. A Purple Cow Organics program can provide 100% of your turf fertilization needs. Compost is a slow-releasing soil amendment containing all of the necessary nutrients to maintain balanced levels of the following:

  • Macro-nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium
  • Secondary-nutrients: calcium, sulfur, magnesium
  • Micro-nutrients: copper, boron, iron, chlorine, zinc, manganese, molybdenum
Complete Bio-Nutrient Programs

As the utilization of compost and compost teas become more prevalent, we will continue to provide the industry with organic options for weed control, fungal diseases, winter kill challenges, even bugs and beetles.

We also support a growing number of soccer and other sports complexes as well.

  • Marquette Soccer Complex
  • Rail Yard (Milwaukee) Soccer Complex
  • Carroll College
  • Carthage College
  • Wrigley Lake Geneva Polo Field
  • Milwaukee Polo Club
  • Washington County Soccer parks
  • MYSC (Middleton Yahara Soccer Club/ Wisconsin Rush)
Overseeding & Aerification Service

There are two major benefits to overseeding every five to six years.  First, you insure your lawn stays thick and dense, or if it has thinned, overseeding will make it thick again. Thick grass has few if any weeds when mowed over 2 inches tall. The second benefit is disease resistance. The new varieties of seed you sow this year will have better disease resistance than those varieties already in your lawn. Overseeding with Purple Cow compost provides direct contact with the soil, reduces germination times and provides tremendous water holding capacity. Biologically active compost cycles nutrients from the soil and can "fix" nitrogen from the atmosphere around us.

New Lawns and Blanket Seeding Service

Seeding with Purple Cow Organics compost can reduce costs compared to sod and shorten grow in by as much as 60% over conventional seeded turf.  Lawns established with Purple Cow Organics compost also have a higher sprouting rate than hydro-seeding since the seeds are better protected against weather hazards, such as the wind, the sun and temperature variations.  

Enhanced water holding capacity and faster germination times means less work for you.  Sight prep is a big factor in the ultimate solution: please consult a landscape professional for this service.  

  • Purple Cow Organics compost is weed free, giving your new grass plants an advantage
  • Compost Blanket Seeded lawns can create up to 60% faster than conventional lawn seeding
  • Compost helps restore soil health and adds valuable organic matter to your lawn

Parks, Sports Fields and Municipal Property

From Soccer fields to Golf Courses Purple Cow Organics® can help provide solutions for your turf care needs. We have the tools, track record and recommendations to get you on your way.