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Bring Your Soil To Life

Look around your local store or farmers’ market. Shoppers pick up fruit and vegetables. They squeeze, smell, knock, and even listen to it. Then they select another for comparison and repeat until they have located the “perfect” it. Unfortunately, this selection process doesn’t determine the quality of produce.

Think back to eighth grade science class. The nutrients in our fruits and vegetables don’t just magically appear. They come from the soil. They only come from the soil.

There is a recipe – a very careful, very patient, very precise recipe – for giving back to the earth. It’s part science, part passion, and it was crafted by Purple Cow Organics.

It’s a recipe that won’t just grow a better tomato. It creates healthier, more beautiful landscapes – on a farm, in a park, on a golf course, or an urban rooftop. It naturally promotes growth and resists disease. It is what Mother Nature would brew up if we weren’t constantly getting in her way.

At Purple Cow, our team draws from experience in organic farming, environmental stewardship, landscape construction, and culinary arts which provides a level of expertise that is fueled by a true passion for their work. If you’re a long-term thinker…if quality is just as important as quantity…if “pure” is just as important as “pretty”… there’s a good chance that you’ll appreciate the care and the craftsmanship that only comes from Purple Cow.

Here’s a chance to pay it forward.
Here’s an opportunity to end decades of only “taking”.
Here’s Purple Cow Organics.