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Turf Maintenance Plan to Make Your Job Easier

In agriculture, farmers are concerned about nutrient efficiency: how to get the most out of the inputs of time, equipment, energy, rainfall, irrigation, and, most importantly, fertilizers – all while reducing weeds and pests! Groundskeeper concerns aren’t too dissimilar – only their budgets are MUCH SMALLER! As a landscaper, groundskeeper, or turf manager how do you maximize […]

List of Compost Benefits for Soil Health

Compost has many uses and benefits. The Association of American Plant Food Control Officials (AAPFCO) states that compost provides the following benefits that should be music to the ears of groundskeepers,  large-scale farmers and home-growers around the world: Improves soil structure and porosity – creating a better plant root environment Increases moisture infiltration and permeability, and reduces bulk […]

Fall is in the air! What to do?

Ok, so maybe it’s not quite fall yet in your area, but fall is right around the corner: school is starting soon, vacations are wrapping up, garden harvests may be getting thinner, lawns are showing signs of stress, spring and summer flowers are staring to wane, and so on… Q: So, what can we do […]

Why would I use a foliar at this point in the season?

We were asked by a grower this week, “Why would I use a foliar at this point in the season?” When plants are trying to turn flowers into fruit, fertility availability is essential.  OMRI Listed Purple Cow CX-1 (liquid biological) enhances this fertility as plants can take nutrient thru their leaves up to 10x faster […]