Create Your Own Seed-Starting Plan

Unsure of when to start your plants inside? Use this helpful guide to get your garden off to a great start! Once you have your calendar established, go to your local garden center and pick up some Purple Cow Organics Seed Starter Mix!
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  1. Kyle Gettelman
    Kyle Gettelman says:

    My only local vendor of Purple Cow in Iowa still does not yet have Seed Starter Mix in stock (a non-gardening store) so I had to purchase some Hoffman starter mix at another retailer for some of my earlier seeds that needed starting. The problem I have had with starter mixes, and that I am hoping to avoid with Purple Cow, is that the media becomes void of nutrients so quickly and often before the seedlings are ready for transplant. Do you have recommendations for what I can do with the seeds I have already started? Would Compost Tea work and if so how often can I safely use it when watering seedlings? I will be using Purple Cow Seed Starter for my remaining seeds (I’m super excited), will there be a point before transplanting that it will need amending for nutrients?

    • Amy Ziegler
      Amy Ziegler says:

      Hi Kyle,
      Thanks for the question. Our Seed Starter Mix has been created specifically to provide nutrients to your plants all the way until transplant, so you shouldn’t need to add any amendments. If you would still feel comfortable adding more, Compost Tea would be a great option. You can do a light sprinkling once every two weeks to replenish the biology in the soil. Another possibility would be our Vegetable Supercharger, this is a soluble powder that works in either water or Compost Tea and can be an extra boost of Calcium, Humates and Trace Minerals.


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