Purple Cow Organics CX-1 – Maximize Crop Residue (Stover)

Harvest and the joys (and pressure) it brings are right around the corner. Harvest marks an end in some ways; all the planning, tending and worries are over.

Time to reap.

If we look to nature, time never stops. It marches on, and is always looking to the next action. In nature, the next action is to be ready for the opportunity to capture energy and utilize it in a million different ways.

For the farmer, this has been poetically referred to as “setting the table.” How you tend to your field this fall will directly impact next year’s crop. Right now, regardless of the health of your soil, the peak of the season (what you and I see) is also the peak of biological activity in your soil.

The plant-soil relationship favors bacteria during the growing season to cycle nutrients (mostly Nitrogen) to your plants. You push your systems to maximize yields and the resulting crop harvested.

Crop residue is oftentimes hard to digest because the soil requires high populations of fungi to do this job. Now is the time to push your system to maximize the crop you don’t see.

We call this the “Life in the Soil.”

Nutrient sequestration and availability for your next crop begins at the harvest of this year’s crop. High amounts of nutrients are tied up in crop residue. Cycling these nutrients to your soil and next crop helps ensures that they will not be lost or unavailable.

However, this requires a whole set of different organisms than the ones you have been promoting since planting. That’s where we can help.

Purple Cow CX-1 residue program uses dozens of different beneficial fungi that immediately begin to digest crop residue, to help your soil be in prime condition to physically manage next year.

More importantly, this helps get the nutrients they contain back to the soil and in the best position to be available for future crops.

Contact us here for more information on how CX-1 can benefit you or download the full PDF file describing CX-1 and its benefits.

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