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A comprehensive, integrated system, formulated to promote healthy,
vibrant soil to deliver huge, gorgeous, nutrient-rich yields.

Introducing the Purple Cow Organics
Full-Cycle Ag System

For the professional organic farmer

Purple Cow 100% Organics

Purple Cow Organics has developed an extensive line of products for organic agricultural professionals (that’s a fancy name for us organic farmers). Each Purple Cow product does a precise job.

The most revolutionary fact is that all these products were designed to be used together as a system. When used in a specific order, the products in the system work in conjunction with each other, complementing each other and building upon the previous products to utilize or magnify their effects.

In addition, minerals tailored to your farm’s or crop’s needs can be added to any of our Purple Cow products, increasing the effectiveness and availability of those minerals and enabling you to get the most out of a single trip across your field.

The Purple Cow Organics Full-Cycle Ag System rebuilds or enhances your soil biology faster and more effectively than any other technique because that’s what we designed and developed the Full-Cycle System to do.

The end result is increased yields while reducing your crop’s susceptibility to disease, drought, weeds and pests.

All 100% organic, 100% natural and 100% good.

The Full-Cycle Organic Stages

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Full Cycle Organic Stages

Pre-Plant Cycle - Organic Farming


Biological Innoculation – Broadacre

Even the most organic agricultural soils lack bio-diversity due to our cropping systems, tillage techniques and reduced or lack of fertilizing.

You and I understand that agriculture and the accompanying (and necessary) feeding of the soil is not a natural process. Disturbing soils is a necessary evil that even organic farmers have to accept. The results of this agriculture and soil disturbance can be — should be — mitigated, reduced or even repaid when preparing for the next planting/harvest cycle by using thoughtful, carbon-based, biologically rich, nutrient-dense, regenerative soil rebuilders from Purple Cow Organics.

The products in our Full-Cycle Ag System are customized and formulated specifically for your soil, your crop and the specific part of the cycle you want to address.

Seedling Cycle - Organic Farming

Seed Planting

Adding Purple Cow products at the very genesis of seed germination and growth provides beneficial biology, secondary metabolites, humic substance and chemical signature that all assist the plant in overcoming the disruptive process of pre-plant tillage/soil disturbance. This aids germinating plants at a very delicate stage of development and helps ensure strong, healthy, nutrient-dense crops when your plants mature.

Ask us about customizing our products for your specific soil type, crop and application.

Foliar Cycle - Organic Farming


In this critical stage of the farming cycle, the right product mix is imperative to the best harvest outcomes.  The Purple Cow Organics Full-Cycle Ag System incorporates crop-specific programs that contain just the right mix of product for your crop at this stage, increasing the effectiveness of fertilization.  As one example, regularly scheduled applications of CX-1 (a liquid biological amendment) alongside a liquid fertilizer helps support and add microbes to your soil that process the fertilizer into forms that are available to your plants, dramatically enhancing the performance of the fertilizer. This results in a vastly improved yield, improved performance of soil, and possible reduction of fertilizers (and the costs of those fertilizers).

Once again, we urge you to talk to us about your needs. No two sections of soil are the same, no two crops are the same and no two years are the same. We will partner with you to get the most out of your soil, and this cycle is a broad system for doing so.

Harvest Cycle - Organic Farming


Probably the key time to work with your soil is after harvest. At this stage of the cycle, the Purple Cow Organics Full-Cycle Ag Program is focused on preparing your soil for the particular crop you’ll be planting in spring.

The application of Purple Cow Organic Classic compost or spraying of Purple Cow CX-1 (liquid) post harvest delivers biology (bacteria & fungi) that accelerates the breakdown of crop residue, improving the return of nutrients to your soil. Normally, when plant residue breaks down, a lot of the nutrients are oxidized and lost to the atmosphere, literally disappearing into thin air. Purple Cow products help capture those nutrients and return them to your soil. And that’s on top of Purple Cow Products’ first mission, increasing the liberation of nutrients bound in your soil.

When nutrients are liberated from the soil and nutrients are captured from crop residue, your need for fertilizer is reduced, as is the cost. Less fertilizer is more environmentally responsible, as well.

Purple Cow Organic’s crop-specific programs view every stage of the cycle as important, but post-harvest will probably have the most effect on the health of your soil and, therefore, next season’s yield.

~ A Purple Cow Organics Full-Cycle System Exclusive ~

Crop-Specific Ag Programs