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Corn (for Grain & Seed)
Tested and proven results for North American crops

Another staple in our area is corn. Lots and lots of farmers grow it, and there are some pretty tried-and-true ways to go about filling your bins.

But things change a bit when you’re organic.

What doesn’t change is that nitrogen and phosphorous are again the pillars of truth, and organic farmers are pretty good at building soils that are efficient at cycling these nutrients. Then the limiting factors become the micronutrients like calcium, sulfur and others.

Take zinc. Even though only 0.5 lbs. of zinc per acre is necessary for healthy corn yields, it is the most often deficient micronutrient in the sandy soils of the upper Midwest. And if you’re zinc-deficient, you get pale, sometimes whitish streaks on both sides of the leaf midrib, from the base of the leaf but not extending to the tip, and stunted, smaller plants.

Plants know best the nutrients they need and when they need them. By providing a strong microbial partnership, organic farmers can maximize the availability of nutrients whether intentionally applied as soil corrective or crop fertility, as well as those locked up in your soil.

Also, if soil-corrective optimized biological function and crop fertility were not enough, or weather impacted their availability, applying CX-1 along with foliar applications is a way to adjust to these unforeseen nutrient shortages in the growing season and minimize the negative impact on yield.

That’s why Purple Cow’s crop-specific programs are perfect for the organic farmer growing row crops. We preach soil preparation, soil preparation and soil health before planting.

Row crops are a necessary rotation in both livestock operations as well as a cash-grain farm. While livestock operations can see the benefit directly in the quality of their animals, the yield is the yardstick by which most successful crops are measured. Purple Cow understands that with increasing fertility costs, maximizing the dollars spent on fertility as well as taking care of your soils are the top goals. Using our products in pre-plant application, available with or without mineral correctives, as well as using our liquid form at planting and critical plant growth stages insures the best efficiency of your fertilizer dollar.

Purple Cow applied during your fall tillage program insures maximum return and sequestration of nutrients, holding them in biological form and improving availability to your next crop. This improves not only your N efficiency but delivers maximum return on your entire fertilizer budget. Purple Cow’s liquid program timed with cultivation is also an effective way to maximize breakdown of crop residue, returning nutrients to the soil and carbon for biology. This sets the table for successive crops.

Purple Cow has spent years developing our own unique, organic solutions for crop-specific applications. Contact us and we’ll be glad to share more details about how our products can be the solutions you need for your soil, your crop and your farm.