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As you can probably tell from the name, haylage is hay that is stored at a higher moisture content than hay (40-60%), and in a sealed way (most often wrapped in plastic), so it can ferment and significantly increase its food value, like its cousin, silage.

Haylage is also sometimes known as “round bale silage” or “baleage” when stored in round or square bales sealed with a form of plastic wrap.

The moisture content is probably the most key element to quality haylage. Also take into consideration the length of cut and stage of maturity, more so than the kinds of grasses or legumes, time of year, ambient temperature, etc.

The other considerations for growing and making haylage are very similar to those for dry hay production, in other words, weather, timing and pest pressure. When you do get the hay crop you’re looking for, high quality and yield are synonymous with success. Purple Cow helps get stands established as well as recovering and producing high quality yield cutting after cutting.

Purple Cows products in your forage program mean increased yields and quality. Farm trials showed an increased availability of essential nutrients liberated from soils beyond the amounts applied. This means more effective nutrient utilization, reducing input costs while improving yield and quality.

Purple Cow has spent years developing our own unique, organic solutions for crop-specific applications. Contact us and we’ll be glad to share more details about how our products can be the solutions you need for your soil, your crop and your farm.