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Soybeans (and dry edible beans)
Tested and proven results for North American crops

Like most plants, soybeans need a lot of nitrogen for proper growth.

Unlike many plants, soybeans (and other legumes) can pull nitrogen out of thin air.

The process is called “nitrogen fixation.” Fixation occurs in nodules (small oval structures) that form on a soybean plant’s roots. These nodules form early in the season (V1) through the association with a soil bacterium (Bradyrhizobia japonicum). The nodules absorb N2 gas from the atmosphere and, through a chemical reaction, form NH3 (ammonia) that can be used by the plant.

Bradyrhizobia japonicum bacteria helps soybeans acquire up to 50% of the nitrogen they need. It is also one of the many microbes Purple Cow promotes through our soil amendments in our Crop-Specific program.

Adding Purple Cow Classic Compost also delivers carbon (humus) and biology, boosting available carbon and assisting legumes in starting the cycle of symbiotic process (nodulation) and subsequent nitrogen fixation. The result is improved yield and quality, as well as maximized nitrogen credits for your next crop. The improved health of stands also allows greater resistance to pests and disease. Purple Cow liquid products can be easily timed with cultivation passes and promote maximum pod set, resulting in improved yield.

Row Crops are a necessary rotation in both livestock operations as well as cash/grain farms. While livestock operations can see the benefit of quality directly in their animals productivity and health, the yield is the yardstick by which most successful crops are measured. Purple Cow understands that with increasing fertility costs, maximizing the dollars spent on fertility as well as taking care of your soils become the top two goals. Using our pre-plant application, available with or without mineral correctives, as well as our liquid form products at planting and critical plant growth stages insures the best efficiency of your fertilizer dollar.

Purple Cow has spent years developing our own unique, organic solutions for crop-specific applications. Contact us and we’ll be glad to share more details about how our products can be the solutions you need for your soil, your crop and your farm.