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We at Purple Cow urge all organic farmers to do soil testing, so much so that we offer the service, often to anyone who wants it.

That’s because as organic farmers, we are hugely dependent upon soil health and soil rebuilding before planting, versus directly feeding crops.

However, nutrients supplied from organic materials are supplied slowly over time, and we are actually feeding the microbes in our healthy soil, which are, in turn, feeding (or releasing these nutrients for) the plants.

So when a farmer calls us for advice on growing vegetables, we ask two things. 1) Which vegetable(s)? You know spinach has different needs than tomatoes have and tomatoes have different needs than sweet corn. Once we know the vegetable(s), we know the nutritional needs.

Then 2) Have you tested your soil?

Because those are the two most important pieces of the puzzle: What your vegetables need and what your soil can provide.

Vegetable production is the most demanding on your soils. More than almost any other crop. Cultivation and tillage passes only create a higher demand to “give back”. Purple Cow delivers the carbon lost in the process of preparing fields and managing weeds, as well as inoculating with beneficial biology that is also compromised or destroyed with every required operation in your fields.

Multiple plantings and increasing consumer demand for “nutrient-dense” food requires a lot from your CSA or High Value Crop farm operation, and most importantly from your soil. Purple Cow understands the needs of the CSA grower. We provide products from seed starting, transplanting, to post harvest preparation for next year.

Purple Cow has spent years developing our own unique, organic solutions for crop-specific applications.  Contact us and we’ll be glad to share more details about how our products can be the solutions you need for your soil, your crop and your farm.