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Organic wheat cultivation is not that different in content from non-organic, with the caveat that (again) soil preparation prior to planting is the key, since it is not always feasible to effectively add nutrients or minerals after planting.

Test your soil to see what you need. Prep your soil with Purple Cow products, making sure you let us know what your soil is deficient in, so we can add it to out products for you.

You can also add nitrogen by using legume and cover crop and manure sources (if you believe in using manure); and add potassium and phosphorous from manure (if you believe in using manure).

Deficiencies are usually visible in the plants.

Copper is an essential nutrient for plant growth, and wheat is the most sensitive to copper deficiency, even in the small amounts that are needed. (Because only a small amount is needed, it is classified as a micronutrient.) Most local soils contain adequate amounts of this nutrient for optimum crop yields.

Copper deficiency symptoms are visible as the leaves fading to a light green to yellow color. The leaf tips die back and the tips twist. If copper deficiency is extreme, growth stops and plants die after reaching the tillering stage. And there will not be any grain in the head.

Proper seed-bed preparation is critical in small grains like wheat. Purple Cow products can quickly re-establish communities of beneficial soil biology, as well as deliver nutrients and carbon at critical times during growth.

Again, applying soil correctives in the fall sets the stage for strong root development and stand survivability going into winter. Soils warm faster as a result of increased carbon and biological activity, and that boosts winter wheat in spring, breaking its dormancy as early as possible for maximum tillering and yield.

Purple Cow has spent years developing our own unique, organic solutions for crop-specific applications. Contact us and we’ll be glad to share more details about how our products can be the solutions you need for your soil, your crop and your farm.