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Corn (for Silage or Greenchop)
Tested and proven results for North American crops

Purple Cow Organics is based in Wisconsin, and being the Dairy State, corn silage is an absolute staple here. It is also a staple in other states as well, so this is an important section of our crop-specific program. If you’re moving to a pasture-based system and away from corn for grain, we have programs for forage and pasture, too.

The more organic farmers there are, the more interesting strategies are emerging. This is probably from the “more big brains thinking about the same problems.”

For weed control, some innovative no-till organic farmers have planted rye, or vetch cover crops and by using a roller crimper or stalk chopper prior to planting, they form a thick mulch layer for the corn crop.

A very cost-effective way to add nitrogen is by using legume and cover crop and manure sources, and add potassium and phosphorous from manure. If you use manure, poultry litter or other N sources, Purple Cow crop-specific programs can reduce the input need and/or improve the utilization for greater yield.

Deficiencies are usually visible in the plants. For instance, phosphorous deficiency is visible as purple edges on young corn plant leaves.

Row Crops are a necessary rotation in both livestock operations as well as cash/grain farms. While livestock operations can see the benefit of quality directly in their animals productivity and health, the yield is the yardstick by which most successful crops are measured. Purple Cow understands that with increasing fertility costs, maximizing the dollars spent on fertility as well as taking care of your soils become the top two goals. Using our pre-plant application, available with or without mineral correctives, as well as our liquid form products at planting and critical plant growth stages insures the best efficiency of your fertilizer dollar.

With corn for silage, Purple Cow helps regulate the uptake of nutrients so you get maximum biomass (tonnage) with balanced nutrition.

But again, we believe that successful organic farming depends so much more on great soil preparation and reparation, than about adding things mid-season to fix problems. And this is where Purple Cow products come in to play, at all points in the crop cycle.

Purple Cow has spent years developing our own unique, organic solutions for crop-specific applications. Contact us and we’ll be glad to share more details about how our products can be the solutions you need for your soil, your crop and your farm.