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We believe the health of the soil directly impacts the health
of all living things dependent upon that soil.

100% Organic Gardening Product Videos

Purple Cow Organics Story

Is the food you consume full of nutrients? Each day we take more good stuff out of the soil than we give back. Thirteen essential nutrients living naturally in the soil in order to feed our crops become more depleted every season. Purple Cow Organics knows that giving back to the earth is a responsibility that is long overdue. There is a recipe for giving back to the earth. It’s part science, part passion, and it was crafted by Purple Cow Organics.

Tips & Recommendations

Purple Cow Organics Tomato Gro Use Recommendation

In this short video Purple Cow Organics expert, Steve Stumbras, is recommending how to best use Purple Cow Tomato Gro in a garden to grow beautiful, great tasting, nutritious, organic tomatoes.

Purple Cow Activated Enlivening Your Raised Bed Recommendation

Add one part Purple Cow Activated (2 inch depth) to two parts existing soil (4 inch depth) and mindfully till in to enliven your raised bed with needed biology and nutrients in Spring or Fall.

Planting a Pot or Hanging Basket with Purple Cow Activated compost

In this video, expert Steve Stumbras shows a simple way to improve your potting soil by introducing Purple Cow Activated compost in the mix. This simple tip will improve the growth and health of your plants.

Amend Your Soil 2:1 with Purple Cow Activated for Growing Success

In this video, expert Steve Stumbras advises about the benefits of amending all growing media with Purple Cow Activated compost at a consistent ratio of 2:1.
2 parts soil : 1 part PC Activated compost

Purple Cow Activated: Planting a Root Ball

In this video, expert Steve Stumbras explains how to use Purple Cow Activated when planting a plant in the ground: fill the bottom 1/3 of the hole with PC Activated, add plant, and fill in with existing soil. Another example of the 1:2 ratio.

Everyday Impact

Grainger Everyday Heroes: Compost Expert

Meet Steve Stumbras, a compost expert with Purple Cow Organics. He specializes in making sure their premium organic compost has just the right balance of plant material and oxygen at the optimal temperature throughout each stage of its life cycle. It’s a time consuming process, but the everyday heroes at Purple Cow Organics believe that the time and attention they put into giving back to mother nature, is worth it.