Crafter's Mix

Purple Cow Organics Crafter's Mix is a premium growing blend designed for experienced growers who prefer to hand craft their own growing medias. This natural and organic blend includes starter fertility and allows you to amend with your own selected inputs to create the customized mix of your choosing. The versatility of Crafter's Mix allows the user to grow both indoors and outdoors as well as in an organic or synthetic growing system. 

Product Specifications

Purple Cow Compost
Sphagnum Peat Moss
Product Specifications
  • 0.6-0.2-0.4
  • Average pH: 6-6.5
  • OMRI Listed for Organic Use
  • Starter fertility included
  • Derived from: compost, aerobically composted poultry litter, kelp meal, volcanic ash, calcium sulfate dihydrate, and sulfate of potash

Crafter's Mix Info Sheet

Available In:
2 Cubic Foot Bags
"[Purple Cow Organics] makes a product available for farmers, landscapers and homeowners that optimizes composting technology, microbial science and remineralization to aid gardeners, large and small, in their efforts to perfect plant production and plant and soil health and vigor" — DON, DON'S FREDONIA