Purple Cow CX-1 addresses the biological side of the soil health equation. Growers count on microbes to fix, cycle and/or solubilize minerals and other fertility inputs they apply. Adding biology along with minerals means uptake occurs more readily, and growers can reduce the amount of other fertility inputs they apply. Balanced minerals and diverse biology helps the plant produce the phytonutrients' (sugars, proteins, amino acids and more), that contribute to plant health, beauty and nutrient density (taste). It also supports the plant's ability to withstand disease pressures with modes of action that include: competitive exclusion, production of natural antibiotics, and bio-sanitation.

Product Specifications

100% plant-based culture media capable of supporting beneficial soil organisms
General Use Recommendations
Furrow Applications: 2-6 gal/acre
Foliar Applications: 2-6 gal/acre
Broadcast Applications: 5-15 gal/acre
Crop Residue Management: 4-6 gal/acre
      Crop Specific Programs
      Corn Program
      Forage Program
      Small Grain Program
      Soybean Dry Bean Program
      Available In:
      275 Gallon Totes
      Bulk Tanker Loads
      "I think I just hit a home run with this product [CX-1]...I am just in awe of what I am seeing. The health of the crop and the weed's the prettiest field we have ever had in 15 years of organic." — KELLY ORNBAUN, CA RICE GROWER

      Application Opportunities

      Soil biology is an important partner for any grower. Microbes help with seed germination, plant protection, plant health, nutrient uptake, yield and crop residue digestion. 

        In-Furrow Starter: insures maximum soil microbiology to help the germinating crop seed thrive. 

        Foliar: CX-1 is a fertility enhancer and aids in rescue fertility for crops during the season. Feed and protect your grains, forages or vegetables better through plant nutrition at both a leaf and root level. 

        Crop Residue Digestion: apply CX-1 to crop residue (stover) to help break down cellulose, free up soil and return beneficial nutrients back to the soil. 


        • CX-1 is most effective when applied with Purple Cow Activator (see specific use instructions), Liquid Fish or Molasses.
        • To improve coverage in foliar applications, add enough water to attain a total application rate of up to 20 total gallons of solution per acre. (50 gal for orchards | 4 gal/1,000 sq ft for indoor intensive and turf).
        • "Growth (Foliar)" applications can be applied every 7-10 days
        • Should be stored out of direct sunlight.



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