Perfect Veggie Mix

Purple Cow Organics' Perfect Veggie Mix is a 100% organic growing mix intended for heavier feeding vegetables and other high value crops. Perfect Veggie Mix is ideal for grow bags, containers and raised beds and includes fertility. We have also included a small amount of perlite, for a light media with excellent drainage! This mix contains all of the necessary nutrients, organic matter and fertility for strong, hearty veggies without requiring any further inputs!

Product Specifications

Purple Cow Compost
Northern Pine
OMRI Listed Fertility
What makes Perfect Veggie Mix different?
  • Complete growing media with fertility included
  • 100% organic and plant-based
  • Made with Purple Cow Compost, which provides a large and diverse quantity of beneficial microbes.
  • Crafted on our computerized blending line for consistent media every time
Available In:
2 Cubic Yard Supersacks
Bulk Truckloads
"All the plants with your soil are just better,
plain and simple."

Nutrients: Primary & Secondary
% (as Rec)
lbs per ton
Nitrogen 0.90% 18.0
Phosphorus 0.21% 1.2
Potassium 0.44% 8.8
Calcium 2.78% 55.6
Magnesium 0.92% 18.4
Sulfate 0.14% 2.8
Nutrients: Trace Elements
ppm (as rec)
lbs per ton
Copper 34.4 --
Zinc 70.8 0.1
Iron 2970 5.9
Manganese 143 0.3
Boron <100 --
pH, Carbonates
% (as Rec)
lbs/acre at 2 tons/acre
pH 6.9 --
Organic Matter 26.0% 520
Organic Carbon 15.62% --