Raised Bed Mix

Purple Cow Organics Raised Bed Mix is a weed seed and top-soil free blend of organic ingredients for filling raised garden beds. One reason raised bed gardening started gaining traction, was that in many neighborhoods the soil had high lead contamination, making it unsafe to grow in. By using a product free of topsoil, and made from OMRI listed ingredients, you are ensuring that your growing media will be free of hazardous lead contaminants.


Product Specifications

Purple Cow Compost
Pine Bark
Product Details
  • Bulk Density: Average of 600 lbs/cy
  • Industry leading 1/4" minus screen size
  • Diverse, 100% plant-based feed stock
  • Includes rock and sea minerals
  • Weed seed and pathogen free
  • Thermophilic humified compost
Available In:
Bulk Truckloads
Semi: ~40 cubic yards
Quad: ~25 cubic yards (WI Only)
"The mix is great! We planted the garden patch [a month ago] and the seeds we planted are doing great!" — PRIMROSE SCHOOL, MIDDLETON, WI

General Use Instructions

1. Multiply the length, width and depth of your garden bed to find the number of bags needed to fill your raised garden bed. 

    2. Fill your bed about half way. Leave enough space at the top for your tallest root ball being planted.

    3. Remove the plant from its container by turning it upside down. It may be necessary to lightly tap the rim of the pot to dislodge it.

    4. Set the root ball of the plant on top of the mix. Add enough Purple Cow Raised Bed Mix to fill around each plant as you work your way through the garden bed.

    5. Water thoroughly until saturated. Note: Over watering until water is excessively draining can result in the loss of fertility from the growing mix. Wait for mix to dry at least 50% before watering again.