Craft Your Own Growing Media!

Purple Cow Organics Crafter's Mix is designed for experienced growers who prefer to hand craft their own growing medias. It includes starter fertility then allows you to amend with your own selected inputs. The versatility of Crafter's Mix allows the user to grow in either an organic or synthetic growing system and can be used in pots and containers in an indoor setting as well as outdoor in a natural environment. Crafter's Mix contains essential nutrients and organic matter that may naturally increase water uptake. It is also OMRI Listed for organic use, and when paired with organic inputs, this still supports the goal of cultivating "cleanly" grown plants.

Use Recommendations

  • Add Crafter's Mix to Container

    Add a small amount of moistened Crafter's Mix to the bottom of the new container, insert the rootball and fill around gently with more Crafter's Mix

  • Water Thoroughly

    Water thoroughly until water starts to drain from mix; watering rates will vary depending on irrigation systems and types of plants being grown

  • Amend Accordingly

    Purple Cow Crafter's Mix does include a small amount of fertility but growers are encouraged to supplement with their own fertility programs

"The difference is in the compost - plants can't live on peat moss alone! The biologically active fertility supplied by Purple Cow Compost in the mix gives plants what they need to thrive"

Sarah Stec

"PCO makes a product available for farmers, landscapers and home owners that optimizes composting technology, microbial science and remineralization to aid gardeners, large and small, in their efforts to perfect plant production and plant and soil health and vigor"


"We've been 100% pleased with the Purple Cow aspect of implementing into our program, and we're going to stick that way."

Dave Moyer

"I'm extremely pleased with how everything has done...I'm sold"

Brad Wynne

"Crafter's Mix is a beautiful mix, rich and dark in color with fresh organic matter"

PCO Customer

Heavy Metals Testing

  • EPA Limits - maximum concentrations by dry weight

    Arsenic (As) 41 mg/Kg
    Cadmium (Cd) 39 mg/Kg
    Cobolt (Co) no limit
    Copper (Cu) 1500 mg/Kg
    Lead (Pb) 300 mg/Kg
    Mercury (Hg) 17 mg/Kg
    Molybdenum (Mo) no limit
    Nickel (Ni) 420 mg/Kg
    Selenium (Se) 100 mg/Kg
    Zinc (Zn) 2800 mg/Kg

  • Crafter's Mix Heavy Metals Testing

    Arsenic (As) 4.14 mg/Kg
    Cadmium (Cd) 0 mg/Kg
    Cobolt (Co) 2.55 mg/Kg
    Copper (Cu) 28.6 mg/Kg
    Lead (Pb) 19.6 mg/Kg
    Mercury (Hg) 0 mg/Kg
    Molybdenum (Mo) 1.0 mg/Kg
    Nickel (Ni) 6.8 mg/Kg
    Selenium (Se) 0 mg/Kg
    Zinc (Zn) 72.9 mg/Kg