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Organic Food Recycling

It is not waste unless you waste it!

Purple Cow Organics® partners with grocery stores and other pre-consumer food locations to successfully repurposed food residuals previously headed for area landfills. Providing a beneficial reuse solution, these residuals contain valuable moisture and nutrients which can be used in the production of great compost. This compost can, in turn, be used to enhance the very soil that grows the high quality fruits, vegetables or other non-food crops right here in South Central Wisconsin.

Soil is Life!™

The quality of the food we eat is directly related to the quality of the soil in which it is grown. Famers and home gardeners alike know the value of a high quality, highly active soil that is teeming with microbes. We have a tremendous opportunity to enliven soils and grow abundant, nutritious crops. At Purple Cow, we are committed to making a difference for both the professional and the backyard grower!


Rob Schultz - The Meadows of Sixmile Creek Golf Course

When most people think of golf courses, eco-friendly landscaping isn’t usually the first thing that comes to mind. Rob Schultz from The Meadows of Sixmile Creek Golf Course in Waunakee Wisconsin disagrees. In just three short years, Rob and his team were able to replace 100% of their synthetic fertilization and 95% of their chemical herbicides with compost.

The journey began in 2010, when Rob and his staff made the decision to immediately stop using synthetic fertilizers and replace them with Purple Cow Select compost.

In 2011, the change paid off. As the team kept an eye on the course, they saw improvement in the grass. Once members began commenting on the beautiful landscape the team knew they should continue their transition to organics.

They began 2012 with the goal of achieving a complete bio-nutrient solution. While they did not succeed 100%, they did manage to improve the course quality while keeping organic. And there’s still hope — the bio-nutrient solution looks even more attainable in 2013.