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We at Purple Cow Organics believe the key to life as we know it is great soil. All our food either grows in soil or eats what grows in soil. Plants take nutrients from the soil, so soil needs to be rejuvenated. That’s where Purple Cow Organics comes in. We have recipes — very careful, very patient, very precise recipes — for rejuvenating and rebuilding the soil, and for feeding specific plants. It’s part science and part passion. It’s all organic. It’s what Mother Nature would brew up if we stayed out of her way, and it’s our reason for being.

Purple Cow Organics is a manufacturer of its products and are proud to work with distributors across the country. For home gardeners please check out our list of distributors on the  Where to Buy page located under our Home Gardener’s section.

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Purple Cow Organics is a line of garden soil enhancers that rejuvenate your soil, reintroducing, supporting and encouraging the microbes that make soil healthy and productive.

Whether you’re growing a couple of tomato plants on your deck or two thousand acres of organic heirloom wheat, the key to all organic gardening is good, certified organic products that help your soil be all it can be, so your plants or crops can grow as well as they can.

And that’s what Purple Cow Organics is.

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