Dynamic Duos: How Liquid Biologicals and Soil Amendments Work Together

Dynamic Duos: How Liquid Biologicals and Soil Amendments Work Together

Where Liquid Biologicals were once considered a ‘fad’ of eco-conscious field amendment programs, they have staked their claim as a staple of balanced nutrient programs from farmers to greenhouse growers. Whether you’re opening the door for earning an organic certification, or just trying to achieve a healthier crop, liquid biologicals can improve quality, yield, and ROI for any grower.

BIOACTIVE LiquiLife™, our liquid biological, is a diverse broad-spectrum liquid biological that contains thousands of species of beneficial bacteria and fungi. The more species of microbes that are present in your soil, the more functions that they can perform to benefit your crop. Besides functions like bio-sanitation, crop residue management, and improving stress tolerance, microbes are the bridge between nutrients (whether in your soil or in your nutrient program) and your crop.

Every nutrient your plant requires will interact with essential microbial processes that allow for consumption. Whether nutrients are ‘tied up’ in soil and made bioavailable, or transformed from an inaccessible form for plants to consume on their own, microbes facilitate nutrient uptake by acting as the bridge between geology and biology. When there are more species of microbes present in your soil, a wider array of nutrients are available to your plants.

This plays a key role in the success of your nutrient program. Applying these inputs with a liquid biological increases their bioavailability, so you can apply less and achieve better results. On a chemical level, a mineral, a microbe, and a catalyst (often carbon) enter a bio-chemical process that we refer to as the Carbon/Biological cycle. The Carbon/Biological cycle allows the microbes to transform minerals and carbon to produce metabolites. Metabolites include an estimated 25,000+ proteins, enzymes, amino acids, and carbohydrates, and are the resources that plants use to grow, heal from damage, defend against pathogens and pests, and so much more. Diverse microbes, and a balanced nutrient program, work together to improve plant health, as well as create a more productive growing environment.

Microbes are essential to plant survival, and a flourishing soil ecosystem can allow your crop to thrive. Whether you’re growing in a high-tunnel, greenhouse, or field, a liquid biological can make your nutrient program more effective, for a better return on your investment.

Interested in learning how to make BIOACTIVE LiquiLife™ a part of your spring fertility program? Reach out to our expert team of growers to learn more.