Why Purple Cow Organics?

Often, I am asked about the name of our company. Why Purple Cow? Especially when I clarify that we do not use manure in our product line. Our name, Purple Cow Organics, stems from a book written by the well-known author, Seth Godin, who wrote "Purple Cow." Seth sets the stage early in the book with the following:

"The essence of the Purple Cow is that it must be remarkable." When you apply this thought process to our internal mantra of what we are or what business we are in, we are in the "make your soil better" business.

The thing that makes every one of our products "remarkable" is that they all have a common denominator of Diverse Biology. We know more today about the positive effects biology has in any growing system, and we continue to learn more each day as our customers share their success stories about their growing experiences.

Again, our products are only remarkable if our customers see the results that are promised.

Another common question is what makes our products different from others in the marketplace?

Purple Cow Organics committed from the beginning to improving soil health, which leads to improving plant health and ultimately animal and human health. It is not a coincidence that you will often hear stories reported about how the newest breakthrough in beneficial biology is naturally occuring in healthy soils.

Our commitment is one of striving to deliver a finished product that is reliable, consistent, and effective when introduced into your growing system. This could mean when our liquid biological is applied to a farm field, or when a home gardener picks up a bag of our Potting Mix, or many different sized growers in between. The common underlying thread is Diverse Biology. We know its there because of DNA sequencing, we know its consistent due to many years of continuous lab testing, and we know it works based upont direct feedback and success stories from our customers (many of the testimonials you will find throughout our website).

If you are already a customer, I would like to say thank you for putting your trust in the Purple Cow team and look forward to hearing about your growing experience, if you are exploring or considering trying Purple Cow, I would encourage you to do so and feel confident you will be happy with your decision.

Our commitment is to quality. It starts with quality people, who have quality work habits, who produce a quality product. Over and over again.

We also know we can't stand still, so visit often as we continue to inovate, improve and grow.

Thank you for growing with us.