BIOACTIVE LiquiLife™ (formerly CX-1) is a liquid biological concentrate that preserves and delivers diverse beneficial microbes for agricultural and horticultural applications. LiquiLife stimulates growth and improves plant vigor and nutrient uptake. It may also improve tolerance against drought, salt, heat, and stress. It is a biostimulant that accelerates microbial activity in the rhizosphere. All biology in LiquiLife is naturally occurring with no synthetic or lab-grown additives. Add LiquiLife to provide a diverse buffet of biology for your plants!

OMRI Certificate

General Indoor Use Recommendations

  1. Always jar test and liquefy any food source (fungal activator) or soluble input into BIOACTIVE LiquiLife™ before adding a larger quantity of de-chlorinated water.
  2. Take into consideration that a broad spectrum biological like LiquiLife will make all other fertility inputs more available to the plants. Always test a small area with reduced fertility inputs to make certain enhanced nutrient uptake is tolerable by your plants and dial back on existing fertility if necessary.
  3. For drip irrigation, flush briefly with water after use.
  4. For injection tanks, apply LiquiLife within 6 hours.
  5. LiquiLife is shelf-stable for 12 months and should be stored in a cool place out of direct sunlight.
  6. In a greenhouse setting, avoid applying foliar applications under direct sunlight.

"Since starting to use BIOACTIVE LiquiLife™ over lab cultured products, I've experienced more consistent germination rates with a shortened dormancy window, a very noticeable nutrient bioavailability uptake in soil application as well as disease suppression properties from foliar applications. I grow in both controlled and natural environments and will never stop using this product."

Bright Flower Farms

"As the manager of a 400 plant grow-op, I use BIOACTIVE LiquiLife™ intermittently with my regular watering schedule. Being organic, it's nice to have a liquid additive that takes care of my soil...I am seeing growth of 1.5"+ per day when used with IndiCanja"

Hemp Grower, Pleasant Springs, WI

"We transplanted around 300 beet plants in our high tunnel that we started in the greenhouse. I poured a little BIOACTIVE LiquiLife™ in each hole and I have to say I have never seen a planting look so strong right out of the gate. I am excited to use it!"

Paul, Serenity Farm

"The plants were just happier every time we applied BIOACTIVE LiquiLife™."

Christine Mason, Standard Process

"I think I just hit a home run with this product...I am just in awe of what I am seeing."

Kelly Ornbaun

Frequently Asked Questions

What can/should I use with BIOACTIVE LiquiLife™?

  • LiquiLife requires activation from a food source. For best results, use our BIOACTIVE Supercharger, mixed prior to application.
  • LiquiLife can be used with soluble or micronized trace minerals and/or other biologically friendly fertility inputs.

Can I burn my plants with BIOACTIVE LiquiLife™?

While the beneficial biology in LiquiLife will not overwhelm your plants, enhanced nutrient uptake may mean that fertility at your typical rates may be more than your plants require. Most growers begin by cutting back on their other fertility inputs by 15-25% and assess from there.

Can I use BIOACTIVE LiquiLife™ in my fertigation system?

LiquiLife can be applied directly or indirectly as a soil drench or foliar application. Viable for all fertigation equipment (20 mesh screens), care should be taken to rinse out irrigation lines on a regular basis to avoid the build-up of a bio-film.

What is the application rate of BIOACTIVE LiquiLife™?

  • 1 gallon of LiquiLife per 100 gallons of water every 10-14 days for application directly into your growing media.
  • 1 gallon of LiquiLife per 300 gallons of water every 7 days for foliar application.
  • If using area to determine your application rate, we suggest an application of 1 pint to 1 quart per 1,000 square feet of greenhouse space.