All-Purpose Transplant Mix is an all-natural and organic growing media with superior water retentioni capabilities. It contains enough fertility to get your plants off to a healthy start and can then be supplemented with your own fertility program. All-Purpose Transplant Mix can be used with many crops including a wide variety of vegetables and ornamentals and is ideal for organic or conventional growing systems.

OMRI Certificate

What makes All-Purpose Transplant Mix different?

  • Superior water retention
  • Ideal for organic or conventional growing systems
  • Made with Purple Cow compost, which provides a large and diverse quantity of beneficial microbes
  • Crafted on our computerized blending line for consistent media every time


"We have had consistently healthy transplants at the farm for the first time since switching to Purple Cow."

Sarah Stec

"The difference is in the compost - plants can't live on peat moss alone! The biologically active fertility supplied by Purple Cow compost in the mix gives plants what they need to thrive."

Grow Ohio Valley

"I have lost zero plants to transplant shock whereas I've lost 15 to the competitor. Same varieties, same planting date, etc. Only difference is the soil."

Brad Wynne, Veg Out Gardens

"Pretty impressive results...All the plants with your soil are just better. Plain and simple."

PCO Customer

"We love using Purple Cow Organics products on our farm!"

Jimmy Fackert and Tiffany Cade, Deep Rooted

Product Specs


Organic Matter - 26.90% (as rec), 54.23% (dry weight)

Total Nitrogen - 0.40% (as rec), 1.85% (dry weight)

Phosphorous - 0.40% (as rec), 0.97% (dry weight)

Potassium - 0.40% (as rec), 1.33% (dry weight)

Calcium - 2.30% (as rec), 4.64% (dry weight)

Sulfur - 0.35% (as rec), 0.71% (dry weight)

Magnesium - 0.60% (as rec), 1.21% (dry weight)

Zinc (ppm) - 80.4 (as rec), 162.0 (dry weight)

Manganese (ppm) - 159.0 (as rec), 321.0 (dry weight)

C/N Ratio - 15:1