Purple Cow CX-1 addresses the biological side of soil health equation. Growers count on microbes to fix, cycle and/or solubilize minerals and other fertility inputs they apply. Adding biology along with minerals means uptake occurs more readily, and growers can reduce the amount of other fertility inputs they apply. Balanced minerals and diverse biology help the plant produce the phytonutrients' (sugars, proteins, amino acids and more), that contribute to plant health, beauty and nutrient density (taste). It also supports the plant's ability to withstand disease pressures with modes of action that include: competitive exclusion, production of natural antibiotics, and bio-sanitation.


Product Specifications

100% plant-based culture media capable of supporting beneficial soil organisms
General Indoor Use Recommendations
  1. Fill irrigation reservoir with de-chlorinated water first, then add CX-1 to water, then add Purple Cow Activator.
  2. If applying through drip irrigation, do not apply simultaneously with a synthetic fertilizer or biocide. Apply through irrigation lines and then flush briefly with clean water. Apply in-line fertility/biocides separately after CX-1 has infiltrated into media.
  3. If organic fertility is combined with CX-1 in an injection tank, apply all CX-1 within six hours.
  4. CX-1 should be stored in a cool place out of direct sunlight.
  5. CX-1 is shelf stable for 6+ months.
  6. Always jar test liquid applications prior to spray/injection.

CX-1 Info Sheet

    Available In:
    1 Gallon Jugs
    275 Gallon Totes
    Bulk Tanker Loads
    "We transplanted around 300 beet plants in our high tunnel that we started in the greenhouse. I poured a little CX-1 in each hole and I have to say I have never seen a planting look so strong right out of the gate. I am excited to use it!" — PAUL, SERENTIY FARM

    Frequently asked Questions

    What can/should I use with CX-1?

    • CX-1 should always be used with a food source (Fish, Molasses, or Purple Cow Activator) mixed just prior to application.
    • CX-1 can be used with soluble or micronized trace minerals and/or other biologically friendly fertility inputs.

    Can I burn my plants with CX-1?

    • While the beneficial biology in CX-1 will not overwhelm your plants, enhanced nutrient uptake may mean that fertility at your typical rates may be more than your plants require. Most growers begin by cutting back on their other fertility inputs by 15-25% and assess from there. 

    Can I use CX-1 in my fertigation system? 

    • CX-1 can be applied directly or indirectly as a soil drench or foliar application. Viable for all fertigation equipment (20 mesh screens), care should be taken to rinse out irrigation lines on a regular basis to avoid the build up of a bio-film. 

    What is the application rate of CX-1?

    • Apply 1 pint - 1 quart per 1000 square feet of greenhouse spray.