Remarkable results are deeply rooted in healthy soil.

Purple Cow is committed to developing healthy, safe-to-use products for healthier plants, produce, and communities. Grow confidently with reliable and effective plant-based products.

Our love of gardening stems from an instinctual need to connect with the earth through the food we eat. From acres of raised beds to the tomato on your front porch, gardens come in all shapes and sizes, and all keep us in touch with the ground.

We at Purple Cow Organics focus on not only the health of your plants, but the health of the planet. Industrial farming has changed the landscape of our soil, focusing on feeding the plant rather than nurturing the soil. This has made it easier to access fresh produce year-round, but has transformed the quality of our food. We're getting our hands dirty, and putting our focus into growing healthier soil that's fueled by biology.

Soil is more than decomposed minerals and leaves, it's a living ecosystem that works with your plants to take in nutrients. Growing with diverse biology means that nutrients are more available, creating more nutritious produce, more beautiful blooms, and healthier plants.

At Purple Cow Organics, soil health is our passion, and we focus on returning life to the ground. Our products are carefully crafted to contain a complete spectrum of nutrients, and the diverse biology needed to make those inputs available. Even though we're called "Purple Cow," our organic amendments and soil mixes are plant-based: containing all the benefits your plants love, with none of the bull.