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Purple Cow Organics Raised Bed Mix is a growing media for filling raised garden beds that is made from OMRI Listed ingredients and no topsoil or weed seeds. With a compost-base, Raised Bed Mix provides all the benefits of organic matter thanks to the composted green material, including sponge-like qualities which cause the mix to require less watering. Raised Bed Mix is also very customizable to meet the fertility needs of whatever plant you decide to grow! For best results, we recommend Purple Cow Organics BioActive All-Purpose Fertilizer.

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General Use Instructions

  • Calculate Volume

    Multiply the length, width and depth of your garden bed to find the number of cubic feet needed to fill your raised garden bed

  • Bags are 1.5 Cubic Feet

    Remember that the bags of Raised Bed Mix are 1.5 cubic feet, so once you have your volume in cubic feet, divide by 1.5 to find the number of bags needed

  • Fill Half Way

    Fill your bed about half way. Leave enough space at the top for your tallest root ball being planted

  • Prepare Plants

    Remove the plant from its container by turning it upside down. It may be necessary to lightly tap along the rim to dislodge it

  • Add Mix As Needed

    Set the rootball of the plant on top of the mix. Add enough Purple Cow Raised Bed Mix to fill around each plant as you work your way through the garden bed

  • Water Thoroughly

    Water thoroughly until saturated. Wait for mix to dry at least 50% before watering again

"Without your amazing products, I really don't think our raised bed garden would be so vibrant and bountiful!"

April Resch

"The mix is great! We planted the garden patch a month ago and the seeds we planted are doing great!"

Primrose School, Middleton, WI

"We've been sharing our harvest with neighbors, family and friends - too much for us to consume at the moment!"

April Resch

"I have used Purple Cow's Raised Bed Mix for 2 years and have rarely had to pull any weeds, the plants keep thriving!"


"Raised Bed Mix paired with the BioActive All-Purpose Fertilzer keeps proving to be a successful combination no matter what I grow"

PCO Customer