Soil Biology Matters!

You don't need to use more fertilizer to improve your garden. Over seasons of planting and fertilizing our soil can lose valuable microbes and fall out of balance. This causes fertilizers to be less effective!

Get your garden back to the envy of the neighborhood with our BIOACTIVE™ Liquid Biology Bundle.

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What is Liquid Biology?

Liquid biology offers the benefits of compost and fertilizer in a concentrated liquid form. By adding in an activator, like our liquid supercharger, your plants can start building back healthy connections between the nutrients in the soil and their roots.

More diversity and increased soil health contribute to plant health and beauty.

Use Recommendations

  • Mix BIOACTIVE™ Liquids with Water

    Mix 1 tablespoon of BIOACTIVE LiquiLIfe™ and 1 tablespoon of BIOACTIVE Liquid Supercharger™ to 1 gallon of water. Up to 250 sq. ft. of coverage per gallon of water.

  • Use within 48 Hours

    Apply BIOACTIVE™ solution within 24-48 hours for best results. 1 bundle makes 33 gallons of blended solution.

  • Once per Week

    Apply BIOACTIVE™ Liquid Biology Bundle solution to plants weekly with regular watering in between.

Storage Instructions

  • Find a Cool Place

    BIOACTIVE™ Liquids should be stored in a cool place out of direct sunlight,

  • Apply as a Drench or to Leaves

    BIOACTIVE™ mixture can be applied as a soil drench or over leaves.

  • Don't Freeze

    Do not allow BIOACTIVE™ to freeze, but also make sure to store under 120 degrees F.

"This stuff is amazing along with their IndiCanja and Supercharger, my plants are so healthy and growing fast"

Christopher Bai

"Purple Cow Organics is amazing stuff, you will absolutely love this product and see a difference in your soil's health and plant health. I love my Purple Cow Organics! Thank you!"


"Superior growth of vegetable seedlings and starts compared to other organic fertilizers."


"I've used multiple products from Purple Cow, and am always impressed with their commitment to quality and sustainable practices. If you're looking for healthy and abundant veggies, give this a shot!"

PCO Customer

"We transplanted around 300 beet plants in our high tunnel that we started in the greenhouse. I poured a little BIOACTIVE LiquiLife™ in each hole and I have to say I have never seen a planting look so strong right out of the gate! I am excited to use it!"

Paul, Serenity Farm