Living Water-Only Soil!

IndiCanja is a water-only super soil containing everything needed to take your plant from seedling to harvfest. Created by a grower, it is used by many professional indoor growers and farmers, but is still easy to use for the hobby growers and home gardeners as well. IndiCanja contains essential nutrients and organic matter that may naturally increase water uptake by plants, and has the high quality Purple Cow compost base for a cleaner and healthier crop you can be proud of. IndiCanja is quickly becoming one of the most popular Purple Cow Organics' products for its ease of use and spectacular results!

Use Recommendations: Vegetative Phase

  • Plant Seedling

    Plant seedling or rooted cutting directly in Purple Cow IndiCanja

  • Be Careful with Roots

    Gently tamp soil towards the edges of the container, away from the root system. Tamping medium toward the root system could potentially damage roots and cause transplant shock. Allow water to fill the soil in around the newly-transplanted root stock

  • Water

    Water until saturated. Note: overwatering until water is excessively dripping out of the container can result in loss of fertility from the soil medium. Wait for soil to dry at least 50% before watering again

Use Recommendations: Flowering Phase

  • Choose Container

    Choose a container that is a minimum of 3-4 times larger than the container the plant has been growing in during the Vegetative Phase. Transplant approximately 7-10 days before inducing flowering

  • Be Careful with Roots

    Remove plant from Vegetative Phase container and place plant's root system gently into new soil. Pour in Purple Cow IndiCanja and gently tamp soil around perimeter of root system and toward container

  • Water

    Water around the freshly transplanted root system in the new material until saturated. Wait for soil medium to dry at least 50% before watering again

"This soil is amazing from seed to harvest like stated by the company. I definitely recommend this product....AMAZING!"

Juan G

"I'm about to order my 2nd bag of this soil to start some strawberries and tomatoes, from what I've seen and experienced with IndiCanja I can only expect awesome results. Has worked amazingly well for my seedlings."

Adrian T

"By far my new favorite way to grow...Organic definitely takes the cake!!!"

Timothy C

"Has all the plants requirements. Very happy with results."

PCO Customer

"Love the organic and living soil capabilities"

Sweet Leia

Heavy Metals Testing

  • EPA Limits - maximum concentrations by dry weight

    Arsenic (As) 41 mg/Kg
    Cadmium (Cd) 39 mg/Kg
    Cobalt (Co) no limit
    Copper (Cu) 1500 mg/Kg
    Lead (Pb) 300mg/Kg
    Mercury (Hg) 17 mg/Kg
    Molybdenum (Mo) no limit
    Nickel (Ni) 420 mg/Kg
    Selenium (Se) 100 mg/Kg
    Zinc (Zn) 2800 mg/Kg

  • IndiCanja Heavy Metals Testing

    Arsenic (As) 0 mg/Kg
    Cadmium (Cd) 0 mg/Kg
    Cobalt (Co) 3.48 mg/Kg
    Copper (Cu) 31.0 mg/Kg
    Lead (Pb) 15.1 mg/Kg
    Mercury (Hg) 0 mg/Kg
    Molybdenum (Mo) 1.0 mg/Kg
    Nickel (Ni) 8.2 mg/Kg
    Selenium (Se) 0 mg/Kg
    Zinc (Zn) 101.5 mg/Kg