Farm-to-Table in your Backyard!

All-Purpose Veggie Mix is an organic, all-natural blend of lightweight growing media with peat and perlite for growing hearty and flavorful veggies. This unique blend has better drainage characteristics than denser growing mixes and may naturally increase your plants' uptake of nutrients and water. It is a ready-to-use mix specifically crafted for the bountiful growth of vegetables in containers, raised boxes and planter pots, and contains enough fertility to take light feeding vegetables through harvest without risking burning younger plants. For heavier feeding plants, we recommend supplementing with BioActive All-Purpose Fertilizer.

Best Products for Pairing


    BioActive All-Purpose Fertilizer

    4-6-4 easy-to-use slow release granular fertilizer inoculated with mycorrhizal fungi, may improve water and nutrient uptake by plants - great for veggies, flowers, herbs and more!

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    Easy-to-use liquid biological concentrate. Add thousands of species of soil biology from compost to a watering can! Promotes healthy plants with strong root systems, use with BioActive Supercharger for activation


    BioActive Supercharger

    Kelp and humates soluble powder than can be used on its own in a watering can as an immediate feeder to bolster plants in need, or as the food source for liquid biological CX-1

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"Purple Cow's careful attention to mineral balancing and soil microbiology speaks for itself through plant health"

Matthew Pounds

"My tomatoes were spectacular! This is our 4th year with Purple Cow products and what a difference. We use Purple Cow from start to finish. Thank you Purple Cow!

Robin Timm

"The Purple Cow mix has produced beautiful fast growing plants with healthy and vigorous root systems"

Matthew Pounds

"I've had so much luck with Purple Cow soils and I decided to give their Veggie Mix a try and I am so glad I did!"


"So far, this soil both holds enough water, yet drains magnificently well, which will be so important for my root health and most important of's organic! My family will be eating healthy grens this harvest!"

PCO Customer