For Potted and Decorative Plants!

Potting Mix is ideal for large or small containers for all your flowers and decorative plants. Readily available nutrients not only get your plants off to a good start, but continue to feed your plants long after planting. Potting Mix contains Purple Cow Organics plant-based compost that is rich in organic matter and contains thousands of species of biology. This compost base acts like a sponge, meaning it needs to be watered less than most potting mixes, saving time and water. Potting Mix contains 100% certified organic ingredients, making it safe to use around kids and pets.

Why Choose Purple Cow Potting Mix?

  • Locally Made

    Regionally crafted to support local economy, recycling local green materials

  • Independently Owned

    Our products are sold through independent retailers and garden centers

  • Environmentally Friendly

    Made from rapidly renewable resources, Potting Mix is a 'reduced peat' product

"This year all of our flowers were replanted in Purple Cow Potting Mix. We've had tripple the amount of flowers, no leaf burn, no disease...they are currently thriving and the most beautiful I've ever grown."

Kim VanderWerf

"I was blown away by the flower production and the lush greenery of the container with Purple Cow Potting kept producing beautifully without having to add any synthetic fertilizers. I'm a believer!"

Genine Nowak

"Using this for my pepper plants that I'm growing indoors. I mixed my choice of fertilizer in when I transplanted my peppers. Peppers are growing good! I want to buy another bag"

Kyle Abrams

"I used it for a potted plant in my kitchen window and needed to move it because the plant grew so big it blocked all the light!"

Donna Z

"Potting Mix is great for lazy gardeners like me, I can forget to water and the mix is still damp, the water retention is fantastic!"