Why Purple Cow Organics


Recently, I was asked the question of why would a customer possibly be willing to pay more for our Purple Cow product line, than our competitor's products? Basically, Why Purple Cow?

Historically, once a customer has tried our product line, whether a commercial grower or a backyard gardener, and many in between, they are hooked and understand the value.

Our "trade secret" is in our proprietary process that starts at the very beginning. Our processes take into account that our customers do not want to be surprised. They want to be able to count on getting the same result every time. How do we do this? We control the production of our entire product line from the very beginning. This very simple thing is where the commitment to our final quality begins.

Our product is plant-based, which means it starts with your backyard, where every autumn the leaves fall, you rake them up, place them curbside, and your local municipality picks them up and delivers them to Purple Cow Organics. Ours can be an imperfect feedstock, just based upon the process by which we gain the yard materials, so Purple Cow commits to boots on the ground to pre-clean material prior to it being size-reduced to enter the process.

The next fallacy is that all compost is created equal, that is untrue. Though most compost products may bring "organic matter" to the soil, what makes Purple Cow different is that we bring stable organic matter to the equation. That means it is the same each time, AND, we farm biology. There are millions of beneficial bacteria, microbes and fungal hyphae that are all part of a healthy soil environment. Many products over the years have added petroleum-based fertilizers that are high in salt to the soils, which basically scares away beneficial biology in the soil. Salt burns, so if you are a microbial being, you are getting out of town just to survive.

With Purple Cow Organics' product line, our process provides a living, breathing environment where microbes thrive and multiply, so by the time you take our product off the shelf, the finished product is not only clean, stable, organic, and just plain looks good, but it is full of LIFE! This life gets transferred to your garden, your raised beds, your flower pots or your yard when you incorporate it. The biology will then team with what it finds useful in the soil, and if treated properly will continue to multiply.

You can imagine that taking this much care with the product from start to finish does take a little longer and cost a bit more, but we at Purple Cow Organics believe it's worth it. After all, the food we grow and ultimately eat is only as good as the soil in which it's grown. As more and more is learned about the relationship between soil health, plant health and animal/human health, we are committed to continuing the journey in our very careful manner. Will you join us on our healthy journey? We hope so. The next time you are in your independent garden center try and "Catch the Cow," and follow us on social media.

Thank you,
Jeanne Whitish
Chief Executive Officer
Purple Cow Organics, LLC