Create Biological Opportunities to Increase Yield and Resiliency

Create Biological Opportunities to Increase Yield and Resiliency

Nutrients and beneficial biologicals can be used to create plant responses for higher yields, engage flowering more rapidly, and increase calyx and trichome production. Like other crops, there are numerous variables that can dictate the nutrient requirements of the cannabis plant, and incorporating the use of key nutrients and beneficial biologicals can attain higher yields through the correct placement and timing of the nutrient.

The uptake of nutrients throughout the total lifespan of the plants is dictated by many variables ranging from the duration of each phase of the plant’s growth stages. The heat units in which the plant is growing lead to:

  • different evapotranspiration rates
  • relative humidity
  • leaf temperatures
  • organic-based biological model
  • sterile hydroponic model
  • light spectrum
  • light intensity
  • the nutrient value material the seed was planted into
  • the lack of nutrients the seed was planted into
  • when nutrients were introduced, etc.

These variables can influence and even dictate the nutrient requirements, and the nutrient loads that the plant can uptake without placing unwanted stressors on the crop.

Broad-spectrum biologicals

Using broad-spectrum beneficial biological materials that are balanced in both beneficial bacteria and fungi is a great aid in balancing the nutritional program for the crop. Microbes are the agents providing enzymes, amino acids, and other natural acids. They also aid in making nutrients bioavailable, convert ammoniacal nitrogen into amino acids and proteins, capture atmospheric gasses, solubilize fungi to increase the amount of available phosphorus and mineral loads required by the plant during the flowering/reproductive phase and increase nutrient efficiency.

A biological will aid in building greater nutrient density, developing plant resiliency against incoming pest and disease pressures, and increasing flavonoid and terpenoid production. All these benefits increase yields as well as a potentially greater psychoactive and non-psychoactive compound production.

Microbes consume, hold, convert, release/liberate elements into bio-available nutrients and deliver the nutrients in a symbiotic system as nature designed. The same is done through the BIOACTIVE™ growth model. 

Broad-spectrum biological solutions can be used for specific purposes such as liberating nutrients at critical growth stages which converts a “stress point” on a plant/crop into an “opportunity point” to attain higher yields.

Using microbes and the BIOACTIVE™ growth model liberates nutrients, so the plant doesn’t have to “work” (mine and metabolize) as hard to receive the nutrients from the soil and or system aids. This relieves the plant/crop of what would normally be a stressor on the crop inhibiting yields in mass, compound, and terp production.  Relieving the plant from having to “work” through the critical growth stages provides an opportunity to gain higher yields and greater ROI.

How we can help!

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