Living Water-Only Soil!

IndiCanja is a water-only super soil containing everything needed to take your plant from seedling to harvfest. Created by a grower, it is used by many professional indoor growers and farmers, but is still easy to use for the hobby growers and home gardeners as well. IndiCanja contains essential nutrients and organic matter that may naturally increase water uptake by plants, and has the high quality Purple Cow compost base for a cleaner and healthier crop you can be proud of. IndiCanja is quickly becoming one of the most popular Purple Cow Organics' products for its ease of use and spectacular results!

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What makes Purple Cow IndiCanja different?

  • Nutrient-dense material for home gardeners and hobby and commercial farms
  • Supports the goal of cultivating "cleanly" grown flowers and extracted compounds for human consumption
  • It's easy! Organic and "ready-to-use" requiring no further work
  • Contains essential nutrients and organic matter that may naturally increase water uptake
  • Developed by a grower for growers

Heavy Metals Testing

  • EPA Limits - maximum concentrations by dry weight

    Arsenic (As) 41 mg/Kg
    Cadmium (Cd) 39 mg/Kg
    Cobalt (Co) no limit
    Copper (Cu) 1500 mg/Kg
    Lead (Pb) 300mg/Kg
    Mercury (Hg) 17 mg/Kg
    Molybdenum (Mo) no limit
    Nickel (Ni) 420 mg/Kg
    Selenium (Se) 100 mg/Kg
    Zinc (Zn) 2800 mg/Kg

    Safety Data Sheet
  • IndiCanja Heavy Metals Testing

    Arsenic (As) 0 mg/Kg
    Cadmium (Cd) 0 mg/Kg
    Cobalt (Co) 3.48 mg/Kg
    Copper (Cu) 31.0 mg/Kg
    Lead (Pb) 15.1 mg/Kg
    Mercury (Hg) 0 mg/Kg
    Molybdenum (Mo) 1.0 mg/Kg
    Nickel (Ni) 8.2 mg/Kg
    Selenium (Se) 0 mg/Kg
    Zinc (Zn) 101.5 mg/Kg

"The differences are very clear. Without adding any nutrients, the stems of the IndiCanja plants are greener and thicker while the (other)'s stems show deficiencies. Switching to Purple Cow has been an easy choice."

Michael Haddad

"I've never gotten that strain to "dense up" the way I wanted, until now. The soil went the distance and depleted perfectly. Nothing but water."

Michigan Medicinal Grower

"I've been using IndiCanja for 3 years now and I can't even consider using any other soil for my grows!! What a great product no one can believe that I don't use any nutrients with my grows. I have been recently posting updates in a reddit group about using IndiCanja water only soil, everyone is quite impressed and many are switching to IndiCanja!!! Once again great product guys keep up the good work!!"

Michael Aldrich

"I'm extremely impressed with the ease of use and it cuts most costs in half. I recommend this to anybody just starting or veteran gardeners it's a great buy!"

Patrick Malchow

"This stuff is incredible, my plants absolutely love this soil...I will never use a different soil for my cannabis plants! This stuff is awesome!"

Nicholas Stokes

Frequently Asked Questions

Does IndiCanja contain enough fertility for both the vegetative and flower cycles to just use water only?

Yes, IndiCanja is a nutrient dense biologically robust and diverse soil containing enough nutrients/fertility to complete the full cycle of the cannbis plant from seedling to harvest by only adding water.

Can I add organic fertilizer or amendments?

IndiCanja was created as a "water only" biologically active living soil or to be used with a benneficial biological solution and/or compost teas. It is not encouraged to add additional fertility to IndiCanja as you could have a negative result, but if a grower chooses to, it is best to use a low application rate.

Can I use synthetic nutrients/fertilizers with IndiCanja?

It is not recommended to use synthetic fertilizers. Adding salt-based nutrients may negatively impact the soil, creating a "lock-up" of nutrients within IndiCanja, causing the nutrients contained within IndiCanja to become non-available to the plant.If the grower chooses to use a salt-based nutrient, please do so in “micro-dose” applications, equal to or less than 4CF/0.4EC/200ppm
(500xTDS scale)/280ppm (ECx700 scale). If “lock-up” were to occur from overfertilization, the grower should use Purple Cow’s CX-1 biological to disassociate or “break” the bonds creating the “lock-up”, liberating the minerals which became “locked out” of nutrient availability.

Do I monitor the pH of the soil or incoming water supply?

IndiCanja is pH balanced for nutrient uptake. It is not as necessary to monitor pH due to the humus/humate rich organic matter (OGM), robust in biological activity, which aids in buffering against pH fluctuations within the soil. In professional indoor crop production, pH is typically monitored, so it wise of the grower to choose to monitor pH levels of incoming water supply for optimum cation exchange and nutrient uptake. Water pH values can be drastically different from one water supply to another.  It is wise to be conscious of your water supply values for personal, soil, and plant health.

If I choose to pH adjust my water, what is the optimum pH?

If you choose to adjust the incoming water pH value, adjust pH levels between 6.0-7.0. A water pH value above 7.5 is nearing dangerous levels for arching out of optimum cation exchange when growing in containers/pots.

Can I use CalMag (CaMg) with IndiCanja?

Yes, it is safe to use CaMg products with IndiCanja at a “low dose” application rate. A good starting point if you choose to use a CaMg product is to reduce application rate by 80-90% of what the manufacturer recommends, then adjust accordingly if necessary.

Do I need to use filtered water?

It is recommended that the grower remove any disinfectants, such as Chlorine, from the water supply so there is no impact to the naturally occurring beneficial biology.

Can I use IndiCanja for growing autoflower cannabis cultivars and strains?

Yes, IndiCanja was created for both regular photoperiod and autoflower cannabis cultivars.

How much IndiCanja should I use for growing autoflower cultivars and strains indoors?

It's recommended to use 1 cubic foot bag per plant.

Can I use IndiCanja for both short-term and long-term photo-period cultivars and strains?

Yes. Due to IndiCanja being a living organic super-soil, the biology works in symbiosis with the plant dictating nutrient uptake. IndiCanja is robust with beneficial soil microbe community and diversity. This relationship between beneficial microorganisms and the plant allows for growth of both short-term and long-term cultivar and strain cultivation.

Can I use IndiCanja for indoor “living beds”?

Yes, IndiCanja is a great choice for the indoor living bed model for growing cannabis and other crops.

Should I get “fall colors” of the leaves of the cannabis plant nearing harvest?

Yes. With many cultivars and strains, “fall colors” of purple and other beautiful natural colorations may appear. A natural decline of “fan/water leaves” may occur as is the nature of that cultivar or strain.  Other cultivars may remain green till time of harvest.

Is “flushing” the soil required before harvest?

No. Flushing is not necessary before harvest.  It is recommended that the grower let the soil dry before harvest. If the grower practices “dark ripening” before harvest, it is recommended that the soil is at or below 50% moisture content before beginning the ripening period prior to harvest.

Should I have water “runoff” when watering?

No, there is no need for “runoff” like when using synthetic nutrients. Excessive runoff leaches nutrients out of the soil that are necessary for plant growth. IndiCanja should be used as a water reduction model.

Can I use sub-irrigation systems with IndiCanja?


Can I plant seeds or cuttings into IndiCanja?

It is recommended that the grower start seeds in a soil that is much less nutrient rich than IndiCanja, such as Seed Starter Mix or Crafter’s mix. A grower can safely plant established rooted cuttings or clones and seedlings directly into IndiCanja.

Do I need anything else for optimum results?

If the grower is looking to improve upon using “water only”, it’s recommended to use the beneficial biological CX-1 or brew a compost tea using Purple Cow’s Activated Compost and dechlorinated water.

Can Purple Cow’s IndiCanja be used onother plant varieties besides cannabis?

Yes, IndiCanja is a multi-purpose, nutrient-dense, biologically active living potting soil to support plant life. It can used on many plant varieties besides cannabis, including tomatoes, peppers, strawberries, mums, marigolds, roses, and is not limited to fruiting or flowering plants. Other uses include establishing garden beds, indoor house plants, as a top-dress for beneficial bacteria and fungi as well as provide additional nutrients.

Is IndiCanja approved for organic production?

Yes, IndiCanja is approved by OMRI for crops that can be certified organic under the USDA NOP.

How long does IndiCanja last on an indoor grow before I need to re-amend it?

IndiCanja was created for 1 bag per 3 x 3 x 3ft plant.  If you choose to reamend it, it’s recommended to use organic amendments and mined mineral and/or sea products from entities who maintains a sustainable, planetary conscious means of collection.

Does “training” the plant change how much IndiCanja I’ll need to grow a plant?

Yes it can. The amount and type of training (defoliation, soft, bend-n-break) the grower does to the plant can dictate how much soil should be used to maintain the total lifecycle of the plant.  If the grower is doing a great amount of training throughout the vegetative phase, then the plant is going to require more material to support the total root mass as well as provide the adequate nutrient load.  If the grower is doing a great amount of training, it’s recommended you adjust accordingly by adding one more gallon of soil for each week of vegetative growth when figuring total soil requirements.

What’s the appropriate way to store IndiCanja?

When stored in original perforated packaging, please use within two years of purchase of the product. Testing was conducted for over two years, exposing the product to rain, sleet, snow, severe freezing, excessive heat (up to 120F), with no negative impact to the product or plants once grow trials were conducted. Ideal storage is in a cool dry environment.

Does IndiCanja make plants more potent?

Genetics is the largest determinant of the “potency” of the cannabis plant as it relates to Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC.  There are many other variables which determine “potency” of the cannabis plant within an indoor, greenhouse, or outdoor environment. Please maintain appropriate environmental variable conditions to attain the full genetic potential of the plant. The true genetic potential of plants is determined and consequently expressed by many variables including environmental conditions and stressors. As a grower, you are part of that variable set. Total potency as it relates to total oil content, this value can be manipulated for higher content through multiple
variables including the use of beneficial biologicals, optimum environmental conditions, cultural/growing practices. Oil content can also be impacted negatively from multiple variables such as unstable environmental conditions, disease pressure, and poor cultural or growing practices.

Does using IndiCanja have the potential to change the texture, flavors, and tastes of the plants?

Yes, typically in a positive direction through greater nutrient density, increased phytonutrients. There are many variables that may change the terpenoid, flavonoid, carotenoid values of plants including heat, cold, watering frequency, water temps, physical impacts to the plant [an animal taking a bite off the cannabis plant can engage the autoimmune defense mechanism that elevates THC production], porosity, soil compaction when planting, soil compaction throughout the grow cycle, water tempurature, total dissolved oxygen in water, soil respiration, etc.Using a nutrient dense biological soil is one of the ways to improve nutrient density, increase terpenoid and flavonoid properties of the cannabis plant as well as other plants grown in IndiCanja.

How much IndiCanja should I use for “in-earth” outdoor or container and potted plants?

This can vary greatly pending variables such as location, native soil type, the use of biologicals, budget, time of planting, cultivar and strain, etc. One common practice for using IndiCanja for “in-earth” outdoor operations is to use an excavator or mini-excavator to dig a 4ft x 4ft wide hole with minimum depth of 2ft, then backfill hole with IndiCanja. Smaller operations, use a post-hole digger and/or other implements for digging and backfill. For container and potted outdoor plants:  Minimum sizing is no less than 25-30 gallon container for full season grown plants. Autoflower cultivars and strains require less material to complete lifecycle.

How much IndiCanja do I need to grow a plant indoors?

It is recommended that you use a minimum of 1 cubic foot bag per plant in a 7-8 gallon container. If the grower is looking to achieve faster dry-back times, it is recommended that the grower place approximately 1 inch of perlite, pumice, or other fast draining inert material in the bottom of container before filling with IndiCanja.

Can I use IndiCanja to brew a nutrient tea like I would brew an Actively Aerated Compost Tea (AACT)?

Yes. It is recommended that you add CX-1 when practicing this method of brewing a nutrient tea to aid the breakdown of nutrients for greater immediate nutrient uptake when applied?

Are all the ingredients in IndiCanja sourced inan ecologically sustainable manner?

Yes, Purple Cow is a plant composting company that has received awards in recognition of our commitment to improving soil health and productivity through recycling and composting techniques that yields diverse, high quality, biological, soil-building products for horticulture and farming. Naturally mined components such as volcanic ash, perlite, kelp, sphagnum peat moss, are sourced from entities who maintains a sustainable, planetary conscious means of collection.

Is IndiCanja offered in bulk quantities?

Yes. Bulk product is packaged in two-yard (54cuft) supersacks. This is a great option for “living beds”.