Life in a Bottle!

BIOACTIVE LiquiLife™ (formerly CX-1) is a liquid biological concentrate that preserves and delivers diverse beneficial microbes for agricultural and horticultural applications. LiquiLife stimulates growth and improves plant vigor and nutrient uptake. It may also improve tolerance against drought, salt, heat, and stress. It is a biostimulant that accelerates microbial activity in the rhizosphere. All biology in LiquiLife is naturally occurring with no synthetic or lab-grown additives. Add BIOACTIVE LiquiLife™ to provide a diverse buffet of biology for your plants!

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General Indoor Use Recommendations

  • Always jar test, and liquefy any food source (fungal activator) or soluble input into LiquiLife before adding a larger quantity of de-chlorinated water.
  • Take into consideration that a broad spectrum biological like LiquiLife will make all other fertility inputs more available to plants. Always test a small area with reduced fertility inputs to make certain enhanced nutrient uptake is tolerable by your plants and dial back on existing fertility if necessary.
  • For drip irrigation, flush briefly with water after use.
  • For injection tanks, apply LiquiLife within 6 hours.
  • LiquiLife is shelf stable for one year and should be stored in a cool place out of direct sunlight.
  • In a greenhouse setting, avoid applying foliar applications under direct sunlight.


"Since starting to use BIOACTIVE LiquiLife™ over lab cultured products, I've experienced more consistent germination rates with a shortened dormancy window, a very noticeable nutrient bioavailability uptake in soil application as well as disease suppression properties from foliar applications. I grow in both controlled and natural environments and will never stop using this product."

Bright Flower Farms

"As the manager of a 400-plant grow-op, I use BIOACTIVE LiquiLife™ intermittently with my regular watering schedule. Being organic, it's nice to have a liquid additive that takes care of my soil...I am seeing growth of 1.5"+ per day when used with IndiCanja"

Hemp Grower, Pleasant Springs, WI

"We transplanted around 300 beet plants in our high tunnel that we started in the greenhouse. I poured a little LiquiLife in each hole and I have to say I have never seen a planting look so strong right out of the gate. I am excited to use it!"

Paul, Serenity Farm

"The plants were just happier every time we applied BIOACTIVE LiquiLife™."

Christine Mason, Standard Process

"I think I just hit a home run with this product...I am just in awe of what I am seeing."

Kelly Ornbaun

Frequently Asked Questions

Is BIOACTIVE LiquiLife™ a compost tea?

No. Compost teas are commonly biologically inconsistent from batch-to-batch, even when purchasing a compost tea kit.

What is BIOACTIVE LiquiLife™?

BIOACTIVE LiquiLife™ (formerly CX-1) is a stable broad-spectrum dormant biological that requires a “food source” to activate the microbes. LiquiLife is free of pathogens and contains hundreds of microbe genera including Nitrifying Bacteria: a robust collection of microbial species assisting with Nitrogen availability, Trichoderma: enhances nutrient uptake, Pseudomonas: blocks pathogens, Mortierrella: phosphorous-solubilizing fungus, and gram positive bacteria that consumes certain pathogens.

Why should I use BIOACTIVE LiquiLife™?

Over 2,000 species of beneficial bacteria and over 2,000 species of fungi aid in increasing nutrient efficiency via the biological-carbon-mineral cycle, different modes of action that come with using LiquiLife include:

  • Fix: Nitrogen fixation and converting Nitrogen into a more "plant-friendly" form of amino acids, aids in preventing ammonia spikes through the bacterial conversion processes. Nitrogen fixation with endophytic and methlobacterium, bacteria that naturally live in and on tissues that help the plant capture atmospheric nitrogen, so the plants are using all readily available forms of Nitrogen.
  • Solubilize: microbes in LiquiLife solubilize phosphate, and mineral/fertility inputs (macro, micro, and trace elements) into a bioavailable form for greater nutrient uptake capacity.
  • Protect: Protect root exudates and polysaccharides.
  • Competitive Exclusion: One organism creates an environment that is unwelcoming for another, effectively excluding the second organism from becoming established without directly killing it. An example of this is the creation of the mucilaginous sheath or film on the root surface to prevent pathogens from infecting the plant.
  • Production of natural antibiotics: The secondary metabolites that contribute to plant health, nutrient density, and increased phytonutrients.
  • Bio-Sanitation: LiquiLife contains some sources as seen on leaf surfaces and floors.
  • Induced Systemic Resistance (ISR): Stimulating plant response to disease pressure before actual diseases are detected. This results in strengthened plant defenses, helping prevent the onset of actual disease when it is imminent.

Improved soil structure for improved respiration, diffusion, osmosis, and nutrient root interception. Improved soil structure can improve water retention capacity.

Advanced root architecture and root hairs for greater nutrient interception and endocytosis.

Transport and mobilization of nutrients throughout soil medium for greater root interception.

Reduces stress during critical growth points. Plants that have reduced stressors during critical growth points are higher-yielding plants.

Aids in breaking down undigested organic matter into beneficial organic matter.

How often should I use BIOACTIVE LiquiLife™?

There are two different application programs that have been developed and found to be advantageous with growing cannabis:

1. Critical Application Point Program:

  • At seeding for uniform germination and emergence
  • Transplant points (each point of transplant)
  • Every 7-14 days throughout the vegetative phase
  • Induction of flowering (indoor & light-depo greenhouse).
  • First sign of flower or budding (Approximately 7-14 days post induction)
  • Foliar application every 7-14 days post emergence. Terminate foliar application program mimimum two weeks pre-harvest

2. 7-14 Day Soil Drench and Foliar Program:

  • At seeding for uniform germination and emergence
  • Plugging rooted seedlings or cuttings/clones
  • Foliar spray and soil drench every 7-14 days from emergence or plugging rooted seedlings or cuttings into soil

What bio-stimulants or “food sources” can be used with BIOACTIVE LiquiLife™?

Bioactive Supercharger, any soluble or micronized mineral or mineral fertility complex, molasses, fish hydrolysate, any microbially friendly fungicide or insecticide, aminos, or other flowable nitrogen products.

What’s the best time of day to apply BIOACTIVE LiquiLife™?

Mornings are the best time to apply biological solutions as a foliar application. As a soil drench, the best time is in the morning or when you would typically water your plants. For indoor and greenhouse environments, when lighting is powering up and/or mornings.

How should I store BIOACTIVE LiquiLife™?

Out of direct light (natural or artificial lighting such as LED, HID), between 40-120F. Do not allow LiquiLife to freeze.