Fertilizer Tips: Using your Favorite Inputs

on June 14, 2022

We’re easing into the Summer, which means that your plants are beginning to flourish in the warmer weather. Lettuce and kale are growing bushier, the vines on your cucumbers are trailing along the soil, and the blooms on your tomatoes and peppers are beginning to unfurl. As the season continues, your plants will need some added nutrition to supplement the minerals and biology in your soil. At Purple Cow Organics, we have several types of fertilizer to meet your garden’s varying nutritional needs, but which products do you use at different points in the season, and how do you apply them?

Our BioActive All-Purpose Fertilizer is a 4-6-4 granular fertilizer. All-Purpose Fertilizer adds organically sourced minerals back to your garden beds without needing synthetic inputs! The mycorrhizal fungi present in this product works at the root of the plants, working to make the nutrients in this product more available. Utilizing biology as a part of your existing fertilizer program helps increase the nutrient density of your produce, and can even make your garden more productive! This soil amendment is a slow-release fertilizer, so the best time to apply to your garden, and avoid overwhelming it, is at planting and at blossom. One amendment you can apply more frequently, which adds a low-grade fertility to your soil, is our BioActive Vegetable Supercharger! Veggie Supercharger does exactly what the name says, it provides your plants with living organisms and minerals to supercharge their growth. This product contains Nitrogen, Potassium, Calcium, and other trace minerals, as well as endomycorrhizal fungi which helps in nutrient uptake. Mycorrhizae plays an important role in all our soil amendments, especially with helping to make nutrients available to plants, and boosting nutrient density. These nutrients are quickly released, and immediately made available to your garden. Quick-release nutrients allow you to alleviate nutrient deficiencies at the leaf and at the root. To use, dilute one tablespoon of BioActive Vegetable Supercharger into one gallon of water. Then, just water over your plants! This mixture can be applied on up to 250 square feet of garden space.

Biology and microbes are critically important for the uptake of nutrients by plants, because a microbe touches every input that your plant utilizes. When plants require diverse nutrition, they also need diverse biology to make those varied inputs available. That’s where CX-1 comes in! CX-1 is the newest retail product in the Purple Cow Organics line. It’s a diverse liquid biological that allows you to make the most of the inputs you use in your garden, as well as the native minerals and nutrients. CX-1 requires activation with a food source, as the biology is stored in a dormant state. There are several activators you can use for CX-1, but for the best results you can combine CX-1 with your Vegetable Supercharger! When CX-1 and Veggie Supercharger are used together you bring a complex of carbon, minerals, and biology to your garden, which feeds both the macro and micro-nutrient needs of any garden plant. The combination of these inputs adds the nutritional benefits of compost, but without the bulk!

Your garden has diverse nutritional needs. To meet the demands of your garden, you need a fertility program that not only provides those nutrients, but also has the broad-spectrum biology to make them available. With the complete nutritional plan of All-Purpose Fertilizer, Vegetable Supercharger, and CX-1, your garden will have the combination of minerals, carbon, and biology to power through an incredible season. Want to learn more about building your best garden yet? Contact us here!