Grow with Love this Mother's Day

on May 05, 2022

Mother’s Day marks several important occasions. For families, it’s a time to celebrate the mothers who work hard to help us grow. For gardeners, it’s a key date for garden preparation, and is often when families get together for outdoor garden preparations. Bring some spring to the people nearest and dearest to you this Mother’s Day, by giving the gift of high-quality planting materials.

Our Activated Potting Mix is perfect for refilling flowerpots and hanging baskets this Spring. Activated Potting Mix offers superior performance because it’s formulated with our PCO Mineral complex. Flowers, lighter feeding edibles, and herbs, will receive nutrients and minerals for up to two months after planting! It’s perfect for any container, large or small, and has excellent moisture retention characteristics.

Want to share the love with the rest of your garden? Activated Compost delivers not only the nutrients your plants need, but the living biology your soil craves. Add Activated Compost to your flower beds, vegetable garden, containers, houseplants, and everything in between. Fortified with worm castings, and our specialized rock and sea mineral complex, this premium product provides not only rich organic material that’s packed with nutrients, but diverse biology that’s naturally and locally derived.

Purple Cow Organics products are OMRI-Listed, and provide the premium ingredients your garden needs and gardeners love. Our products are locally sourced and produced, with our commitment to quality in every bag and tub. Share your love of gardening with the people you love this Spring. Want to make Purple Cow a part of your Mother’s Day celebration? Click here to find our products at a store near you!