Finish With Bulk Compost

Finish With Bulk Compost

Cooler weather is slowly creeping in, and though there’s still plenty of warm weather to enjoy, the fall season is not far away. Late-season lawn and garden maintenance is key for continuing beautiful plant growth, as well as setting up for a successful spring. A late-summer, or early-fall, compost application helps to support longevity and lasting growth.

Though other amendments can be a good choice for returning nutrients or microorganisms to your soil, compost is the ideal choice for a fall amendment. Compost allows you to return the nutrients and minerals that plants rely on. In addition to minerals and nutrients, our compost also contains rich organic material that can completely restructure soil. Drought from the hot summer months can lead to tired, compacted soil, meaning plants won’t have the support they need to grow strong throughout the season. Purple Cow Compost is plant-based, and contains the exact nutrients that plants pull out of the soil. The diverse biology found in Purple Cow Organics compost can help make nutrients available in the soil, as well as increase water retention. A fall compost application returns the organic material soil needs, along with the nutrients and biology necessary to grow into the fall, and prepare for Spring.

Classic Compost is the perfect choice for adding organic matter, nutrients, and biology to tired soil. Lawns, gardens, trees, shrubs, and even flowerpots can be rejuvenated and refreshed with a dose of our Classic Compost. The raw materials for Classic Compost are all sourced within 50 miles of our production sites, helping to reduce the amount of green material that ends up in local landfills. Our organic plant-based compost also contains the diverse microbiology that plants rely on, because it’s made from the very plants that are utilizing those microbiological species. If your soil is clay-based or sandy, Classic Compost is perfect for adding organic material to supply nutrients and formulate a better growing environment. This helps increase the water retention capabilities of soil, creating resilience against drought.

Activated Compost is the ultimate choice for soil that needs extra support. When growing heavy feeding plants, or growing in nutrient-poor soil, adding back extra nutrients and biology is the best way to refuel your soil and set yourself up for success in the fall. Activated Compost takes the rich organic matter from our Classic Compost and adds in a complex of rock and sea minerals, as well as worm castings, to build a nutrient rich soil amendment. Activated Compost contains a balance of micronutrients and trace minerals that supports plant health and helps solve nutritional deficiencies. Activated Compost is also a perfect choice for nutrient poor soil, and can return lasting health to areas where plants need some extra support.

Purple Cow Organics is known for our compost, so there’s a reason why it’s our favorite mid-season amendment. High-quality organic materials can do more than help plants grow, they can restructure your existing soil and growing media to develop a lasting base for healthy growth.

For more information on how to get bulk compost for your fall garden care, contact us here!