Add a Layer of Compost this Fall!

on October 18, 2022

Gardens require a lot of nutrients during the Spring and Summer seasons. Growing delicious produce and gorgeous blooms is tough work! Adding fertilizer periodically throughout the season is a great way to provide nutrients when your plants need them most, but what about your garden’s soil? A lush growing media that’s rich in organic matter and biology is just as important as any nutrients you add. There are different ways to add nutrients and organic matter to your soil, but our personal favorite is by using compost! Compost, such as our plant-based Activated Compost, is perfect for returning the nutrients that plants consume throughout the year. Diverse biological life present in compost helps to break down old and decaying plant matter, and works to recycle it as nutrients. Activated Compost is inoculated with a rock and sea mineral complex that returns a broad spectrum of macro and micronutrients to soil. Balanced mineral quantities in soil support both plants and the beneficial bacteria and fungi that exist there by developing a nutrient rich foundation for growth.Compost is a powerhouse of a soil amendment, but why should you add more in the fall? If you are planting fall flowers or produce, a surprise cold snap could damage the roots of these plants, wilting your blooms and possibly stunting the growth of your late season harvest. A layer of compost provides a cushion against frost, protecting your fall growth. When preparing your finished garden beds for the winter, adding compost provides fresh organic material, to replace what your plants needed over the growing season, and the biology needed to incorporate that material. Giving your garden these inputs in the fall allows the living organisms in your soil to break down these nutrients, and work them into your garden bed over the cold season. This not only supports long-term health in your soil, but it also sets you up for success in the springtime!

Your garden is a living ecosystem that relies on a balance of inputs. The life in your soil follows the cycles of the seasons, and a fall application of essential nutrients and organic matter is the perfect way to prepare your garden beds for winter. Rejuvenate your garden with fresh organic material and nutrients, using Purple Cow Organics Activated Compost!

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