Foundational Products for Every Garden

Foundational Products for Every Garden

In lieu of five acres of vegetable fields and a flock of sheep, home gardeners are chasing the homesteading dream by building custom garden beds. There’s nothing like filling a basket with fresh veggies and herbs that you grew with your own hands! It captures the joy of cultivating fresh food to get you through the season, but in the peace of your backyard.

New gardeners often come to the store with research in hand, but still need recommendations on the right products for their specific setup. Purple Cow Organics offers premium solutions for gardens of any size. Our compost and compost-based growing blends are perfect for beginners and trusted by professionals, and our amendments are designed to feed your plants and your soil.


Activated Compost

Amend Garden Beds | Refresh Potted Plants | Microbes and Nutrients

From refreshing garden topsoil to building a custom container mix, compost is a workhorse amendment that feeds soil with microbes, nutrients, and organic matter.

Activated Compost is made from a rich base of composted plant matter to supply organic matter and diverse microbes for healthier soil. It doesn’t stop there: Activated Compost also contains worm castings and our PCO Mineral Complex. This nutrient complex is designed to provide plants with rock and sea minerals for well-rounded nourishment, as well as essential components to feed and invigorate the microbiology in our compost and your soil.

How to Use It:

  • Add a 1-2 inch layer over garden beds to add organic matter, nutrients, and microbes
  • Sprinkle over lawns to refresh grass, repair patchy spots, and improve water retention
  • Mix 1 part Activated Compost to 2 parts of potting soil to rejuvenate containers for flowers and herbs
  • Apply into your dug hole before planting for healthier transplants


Activated Potting Mix

Fill Flowerpots | Plant Ornamental Containers | Brighter Decorative Plants

Plants thrive in living soil, so why plant in dead soil? Bring blooms to life with Activated Potting Mix!

This soil mix is a cultivated blend of compost, peat moss, worm castings, and our PCO Mineral Complex to feed and support plants all season. Activated Potting Mix has superior water retention, making flowerpots and ornamental containers easy to care for even if you miss a watering! Our Potting Mix is made with recycled plant material, making this a great choice for environmentally conscious gardeners.

How to Use It:

  • Recommended for flowerpots, ornamental grasses, and outdoor decorative containers
  • Fill container with Potting Mix, hydrate soil thoroughly before planting


Raised Bed Mix

Fill Raised Garden Beds | Bigger Container Gardens | Customize for Your Garden

Many gardens are shifting away from in-ground beds and moving to raised garden beds for easier harvesting. Theyre also easy to maintain when filled with weed-seed and topsoil-free Raised Bed Mix from Purple Cow Organics!

Our Raised Bed Mix is an organic growing mix designed to optimize the health of raised garden beds. Plant-based compost as the base allows for sponge-like water retention while balancing drainage for an ideal growing environment.  Our weed-seed-free blend means that raised gardens require reduced weeding compared to top-soil gardens, saving time (and your back)! Raised Bed Mix can be fertilized with custom amendment plans, making it easy to tailor to specific garden needs.

Raised gardens became popular when urban gardeners learned that their soil, which had been subject to heavy manufacturing, contained higher levels of heavy metals. Our OMRI-Listed Raised Bed Mix undergoes regular purity and consistency testing, so you know the soil you’re growing in is safe and healthy.

How to Use It:

  • To calculate the number of bags needed, multiply the length X width X height of the garden bed. Divide this number by 1.5 for the total number of bags needed.
  • Water soil thoroughly before planting
  • Raised Bed Mix contains a light starter fertility that will get your plants started, but should be amended with your preferred nutrient program.


BIOACTIVE™ All Purpose Fertilizer

Slow-Release Nutrients | With Mycorrhizal Fungi | Balanced for Any Garden

Feed gardens all season long with a slow-release fertilizer that supplies nutrients and microbes in one application!

Our All-Purpose Fertilizer is a granular 4-6-4 fertilizer, perfect for feeding plants in any growing space. Inoculated with mycorrhizal fungi, it also helps to build up the population of beneficial microbes in healthy soil to support nutrient uptake. Sprinkle it on flowers, vegetables, herbs, shrubs, and anything in-between for lasting nutrients that plants will love!

How to Use It:

  • Sprinkle over plants or apply underneath the root ball at planting
  • Water after applying for best results
  • BIOACTIVETM All-Purpose Fertilizer should be applied at planting and at blossom


BIOACTIVETM Liquid Biology Bundle

Liquid Microbes and Nutrients | Easy to Apply | Feed Your Garden and Improve Plant Health

Want the benefits of Activated Compost but in an easy application? The BIOACTIVETM Liquid Biology Bundle is a liquid duo of microbes and nutrients that will make your garden the envy of the neighborhood.

This kit contains our BIOACTIVE LiquiLifeTM and BIOACTIVETM Liquid Supercharger. LiquiLifeTM is a broad-spectrum liquid biological that contains the complete spectrum of diverse microbes from our compost. Liquid Supercharger is a liquid blend of help and humates that also contains fulvic and humic acids to improve nutrient absorption. Add this combo directly to your watering can for a powerful boost of microbes and nutrients that will supercharge your plants and promote lasting soil health.

How to Use It:

  • Combine one Tablespoon of BIOACTIVE LiquiLifeTM, one Tablespoon of BIOACTIVETM Liquid Supercharger, and one gallon of water in your watering can
  • Water this mixture over up to 250 square feet of gardening space
  • Use for indoor or outdoor gardens
  • Can be used in hydroponic gardens


Microbes are at the heart of every single one of our products because they are the driving force for nutrient exchange in soil. Many gardeners discover that their chemical fertilizers stop working after many seasons, even when they apply more. This is often because the microbes in their soil need to be brought back to life. The naturally sourced microbes in our compost are diverse, with thousands of species in every handful. When you grow alongside nature, your plants will thank you in abundance.

Interested in bringing your soil back to life? Want to create a healthier garden that grows with you? Reach out to our garden care experts to get started!