Feed Plants Immediately!

BioActive Supercharger is a soluble fertilizing powder. Simply add a tablespoon to your watering can, tank, or backpack sprayer to add biology and trace minerals to your plants. Supercharger is an effective way to feed your plants "immediately" at the leaf surface in addition to the root system, and to see quick results! If you are looking to add some nutrients without adding it to your watering can, it can also be sprinkled over the soil and watered in. BioActive Supercharger is a 3-0-7 fertilizer that contains calcium, humates, minerals and more, and can be used on its own in water or partnered with our liquid biological concentrate CX-1 for an added boost of biology.

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Use Recommendations

  • Up to 250 Square Feet

    Use 1 tablespoon of BioActive Supercharger per gallon of Purple Cow CX-1 blended solution or water; 1 gallon of mixture can be used on up to 250 square feet

  • Apply Directly

    Once the soluble powder is dissolved in the liquid, it can be used as a soil drench or applied to plants and leaves directly

  • Indoor or Outdoor

    BioActive Supercharger can be applied as often as weekley to both your indoor and outdoor plants

"I used this along with the CX-1 on a dying plant in transplant shot. 2 weeks later my plant is back to life with more vegetationi than ever. Highly recommend."

Kris Custer

"If you're looking for healthy and abundant veggies, give this a shot! Take a look at some of their other products too!"

M. Glaeser

"Stronger root systems on transplants."


"Best I have found to feed my veggies"


"Great stuff. Highly recommended!"

Greg Kurtz