Late Season Planting with a Liquid Biological

Late Season Planting with a Liquid Biological

So, your grand plans of getting out into the dirt didn’t start until fall. That’s okay! Even though your dreams of a grand summer garden might not have turned out as planned, there’s plenty of plants you can still get into the soil before the end of the season.

Fast-growing produce such as radishes, carrots, spinach, kale, and beets can be planted in early September for the last harvest of the season. You can even harvest these garden staples after the first frost of the season, where they’ll become incredibly sweet and delicious. Your fall flower garden shouldn’t miss out on the fun either! Swing by your local garden center to stock up on fall mums for stunning porch containers and indoor flower arrangements that celebrate the season.

Want to get a jumpstart on next season? Now is the perfect time to get your garden ready for overwintering! Overwintering is a process where you plant seeds and bulbs in the fall, for an early Spring harvest. Get your garlic and onions in the ground for early Spring produce. Plant Spring bulbs like tulips and daffodils, as well as hardy snapdragons and phlox.

Soil Health is Key to a Happy Garden in Any Season

To ensure that your plants, even the late bloomers, succeed in your garden, you’ll want to look at the soil first.

Diverse biology can go a long way in improving your garden. To take advantage of this, we suggest utilizing a liquid biological to strengthen the ecosystem of your soil.

A liquid biological contains cultures of living microorganisms that work within your soil to support the ecosystem. Each biological species present performs a different function within your soil, whether breaking down organic material, making nutrients available to plants, or even improving conditions for a soil’s biology. Liquid Biologicals are already gaining speed in the agricultural sector, and have quickly become a keystone in the fertility programs of master gardeners and home growers alike. The important thing to look for in a biological is that it’s natural.

By supporting the natural biology of your soil, you can ensure your plants will not only have the nutrients available, but that they will be able to use them. Only biologicals can unlock that potential for your plants.


How does that help your late season plants?

A biological product unlocks a lot of the growing potential in your plants, even if you’re planting them a little late. Improving the biology of your soil naturally improves the growing power of your plants. As long as you also have the necessary nutrients in your soil, a liquid biological will offer visible improvements.

Also, it’s super easy to use. A liquid biological, like [ours], can be applied to the soil or directly to the plants. All you need to do is add a bit to the water already in your routine and you’re on your way. No matter if your plants just need an extra boost or you want to help them grow just a little bit faster. We suggest mixing our liquid biological with a fertilizer like our BIOACTIVE Supercharger.